10 April 2016

It’s been a quiet and moderately successful week even if I haven’t achieved very much (so what else is new?) and the weather has been somewhat less than perfect. After a few splendid, sunny Spring days last week, this week it’s been cloudier, wetter and windier and, with the wind pouring out of the northeast, considerably “fresher” than we might have hoped. It’s true what they say about those April showers! Still, we haven’t yet received a bucket load of snow as our friends and family in the great northeast did so I guess we should count our blessings.

In spite of the less than glorious weather, progress has continued on various of Penelope’s projects. She has finished the planting of the miniature box hedge along the front of Penelope’s Path and the lavender has arrived (although not all of it) which will be the finishing touch. There’s also a few additional edging tiles to acquire (she and her friend Vicky found three at a nursery in Towcester) – I guess she still needs about three more.

The less than appropriate weather hasn’t prevented her from continuing her hard work, of course. She’s now moved inside and is currently debating the colour for the lounge. So far, it’s proving quite challenging.

Her original thought was to stick with something similar to what was there before, a light cream colour – Vellum, to be precise. However, one of her friends suggested she consider looking at a light blue or green. So, she has been through forty-seven sample paint pots trying to find the most appropriate colour. My preference – go with the Bridget Riley look and simply paint stripes all over the wall. That way you never need to make a decision and therefore can’t hold yourself responsible when you decide you don’t like the colour after all.


STOP PRESS! The choice has been made (at least for the time being)! Pen spent several more hours in the paint store the other day trying to decide on the colour. She was there so long that she was given a cup of coffee by the intern who thought she was a new member of staff. She eventually bought several more sample paint pots and, in the end, decided on “Almost Sage” which I think looks great although she is not yet wholly convinced. The walls need another coat (apparently) and the picture rail, skirting board and architraving need painting (white gloss or satin – that’s the next dilemma) but it’s getting better day by day.

almost_sage lounge_painted

Last Saturday we had the delightful duty of looking after our favourite granddaughter for the day while Nick & Lucy did some final clearing out of their “old” home ready for their first batch of tenants who will be moving in toward the end of the month, I think.

As always when Bubble is here we had a blast. The day was half decent so we spent some time at the recreation ground across the road running and sliding down skateboard ramps, climbing and, in general, burning several thousand calories a minute. At one point, exhausted from all the exertions, I lay down on the skateboard ramp with my baseball cap over my eyes pretending to snooze, loud snoring snorts and all. All of a sudden, my cap disappeared and I was confronted by Annabelle declaring that a giant bird had swooped down and escaped with my hat! After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I went back to “sleep” and you will be amazed to know that the gigantic bird swooped down again and dropped my hat right where I was lying. What are the chances of that? I gather that later she took great delight in telling her mother that she had fooled me, telling me that a bird had stolen my hat when it was her all along!

As well as exhausting us (but certainly not herself) she and Penny planted a number of flowers in a patch out the back, she and I read and read and read together and we took a leisurely stroll down “muddy” lane to see the lambs in the fields but more importantly to wade through each of the thirty-two thousand puddles along the way. I found it very amusing that she occasionally hitched her dress up so as not to get it muddy as she stomped through the puddles.

Why is a politician’s first response to just about anything to either lie or attempt to obfuscate? When will they learn that it’s often better in the long run to simply admit the truth and move on. So, when David Cameron was asked if he had benefitted in any way from the offshore trust his late father had established and which was revealed as having paid no tax at all, he declared that he “owns no stocks or shares” – not quite the question he was asked. In other words, ignore the question and answer a different one. After more digging through the Panama Papers and subsequent further questioning by journalists, he finally conceded late last week that he had indeed benefitted from his father’s trust but sold all his shares before entering Downing Street. So, why not say so when first asked? I guess it’s just not in a politician’s DNA to answer the question asked.

I ran across the following cartoon from the New Yorker on Facebook.


That could be Penny and me except that the guy has considerably more hair than I do.

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