1 January 2017

Good morning and a Happy New Year to you all. We had an absolutely marvellous Christmas and are looking forward to a splendidly splendid 2017. I fear, though, that we may be disappointed – Trump will soon be in the White House for the next four (or eight) years and the UK will be blighted for generations to come following the Brexit idiocy – hmmm, not much to look forward to!

We’ve had some lovely weather over the holiday period – cold, sharp frosts which create a magical landscape. We’ve also had significant fog and mist on some days and on others brilliantly bright blue skies.

As most everyone knows, I think, we spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day at Nick and Lucy’s enjoying the occasion with a wonderfully excited five-year old. I reckon that must be just about the perfect age for Christmas – old enough to remember the excitement of the previous year and young enough to still believe in the magic! Nick prepared a feast of splendid proportions and it was absolutely excellent. Father Christmas was very kind to us all and there were so many presents under the tree that we couldn’t work our way through all of them on Christmas Day so had to extend the celebrations in to Boxing Day (and beyond).

Those of you who are Facebook “friends” with Nick may have already seen the following video – a time-lapse clip of Christmas Day in their kitchen. By his own admission, this isn’t the most riveting of time-lapse clips but I am a sucker for such videos. Don’t feel that you need to sit through the whole thing!

Then, on our return to Moreton Pinkney, Penelope decided to come down with a lurgy which apparently has been doing the rounds. Those of you who know Penelope well will no doubt be surprised if not amazed to learn that she was so poorly she confined herself to bed for two days. Firstly, Penelope is never unwell. And, if she is unwell she shakes it off and simply gets on with things. I do not remember the last time she confined herself to bed feeling poorly. This time, though, she was in bed for two days and yours truly was left holding the fort – not a happy thought to contemplate! Fortunately, on the third day she arose again and insisted on cleaning all the bathrooms! Yep, that would have been my first thought too after spending two days in bed feeling dreadful! Having got that out of her system she now seems to be fully restored and ready for whatever 2017 might throw at her. So far you will be relieved to know that I have escaped both the lurgy and the chore of cleaning bathrooms. Keep your fingers crossed.

And so, as 2016 recedes in the rear view mirror we wish you all the very, very best for the coming year. Surely, things can’t get any worse!

Love to you all,



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