6 August 2017

Sorry for the short and sweet (?) nature of the Picayune this morning. As I wrote last time, we have sister Susie staying with us at the moment and most of you know how demanding she can be! Just kidding – we’ve had a great visit so far and have been out and about exploring our neighbouring stately homes and gardens. We also had Bubble for a couple of nights at the beginning of the week and are looking forward to another set of overnighters this week and next.

So, I am afraid you will have to put up with a collection of photos with relatively little commentary. Win, win!

Susie arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday, still reeling with jet lag, we dragged her out to Coton Manor Gardens just up the road from us.

Thursday it was off to Charlecote to collect her National Trust Touring Pass and then a tromp round the estate. We had the terrific pleasure to run into our dear friend Judy Klinkenberg who volunteers there.

And then, on Friday it was a double-header! Baddesley Clinton in the morning and a picnic lunch in the grounds followed by Packwood House in the afternoon.

Yesterday Nick, Lucy & Annabelle came across for lunch and a firing of the Moreton Pinkney Pizzeria. I’m not sure we can stand this pace much longer!

On to the gift that keeps on giving – a round-up of the latest Brexit warnings.

UK car industry facing an ‘utterly demoralising’ Brexit

Leaving the EU will reverse the progress made in past decades and may wipe out small suppliers, says Britain’s motor society

Brexit could leave Britain with a bare larder, farmers warn

NFU says UK produces only 60% of its own food and must increase production to avoid food insecurity after leaving EU

EU migrants make up over 20% of labour force in 18 British industries

An analysis of ONS figures finds fruit and vegetable processing and the hotel industry among sectors of the economy facing worst damage if free movement of people ends

Brexit border chaos will cause huge delays and cost £1bn a year, says report

Analysis from economic consultancy Oxera says cost to UK of new customs checks and ensuing delays could amount to more than £1bn a year

And, with perhaps the best quote about the potential impact of Brexit:

33 Reasons to stop Brexit

Observers on the continent and elsewhere in the developed world scratch their heads why this country should commit the biggest act of self-harm that any advanced democracy has ever voluntarily inflicted on itself.

Finally, if you would like to see some decent photographs instead of the rubbish that I produce from time to time, have a look at the National Geographic Travel Photography of the Year winners.

That’s more like it.

Love to you all,




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