17 December 2017

What a wacky week! We woke on Sunday to 6” of beautiful pristine snow which had been delivered overnight for our pleasure. And, while I have to admit that it did look gorgeous, it was somewhat inconvenient as we had been due to take Annabelle to the theatre in Northampton to see a new version of the Jungle Book. The main roads were passable with care but the side roads were a bit tricky and Nick had to bring her over to ours so that we could set off for Northampton.

We were just on the verge of calling him to abandon the expedition when he rang to offer to drive us in his car which has the distinct advantage in situations such as this as being four-wheel drive.

So it was agreed; he drove over with Annabelle and then took us on a very slow and careful journey to the theatre only to be told on arrival that the production had been cancelled. Hmm. It would have been nice if that information had been available to us on the web site before we set out . . . Oh well, it was a bit of fun and an adventure. We’re re-booked to go just after Christmas – let’s hope there are no more meteorological mishaps.

The snow prompted Ms Playchute to re-open her 24 Hour Bird Diner after its summer/autumn holiday break. The feeders were filled and the tables set and within an hour it was packed, standing room only and as much as a twenty second wait for a bite at the buffet. I think they were all pleased that the diner is open for business again.

On Wednesday we had the great pleasure of attending Bubble’s Nativity play at her school. We’d been warned that these productions were very popular and if we wanted a decent seat we needed to be there half an hour or so before kick-off. In fact, we got there almost an hour before the show and we weren’t by any means the first. Just to make it even more fun, not long after we arrived and joined the queue waiting outside the door to the school hall, it began to rain.

We were finally admitted and settled down to a splendid infant nativity play in all its traditional glory. It was a very cute little play – A Midwife Crisis – where a very busy midwife who never misses an important birth is extremely excited when she hears that a king is about to be born in Bethlehem. She rushes out into the night in search of a shiny golden palace fit for a king. You can guess the rest, I suspect. The songs were catchy and the children performed like stars.

There were, of course, the usual Nativity play highlights – the sheep who had her very carefully cardboard-constructed ears on upside down, the forgetting or stumbling over lines and the inevitable tears from a couple of five year olds for whom the bright lights and standing-room only audience were too much to bear when it came their turn to climb the stage.

Annabelle was an angel (of course) and was excellent says an unbiased grandfather. She sang her songs with gusto and performed her choreographed routine with flawless precision. A star is born.

Finally, a cute Brexit quip from Adam Bienkov which I think I saw in the Guardian:

The Brexit process has required “give and take on both sides,” says May. Quite so. The UK has made lots of concessions and the EU has taken them.

Love to you all,




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