10 June 2018

Another good week – what are the chances of that? The weather has been tolerably tolerable and we’ve spent many a “happy” hour toiling in the garden. Penelope, of course, spends most of her time beating the garden into submission; I get involved only on an ad hoc basis when there are things that require my particular skill set. I.e., tasks which do not require much thinking or understanding of good gardening practice and which may or may not involve heavy lifting. And even then, I still mess up!

I won’t reveal (yet) Ms Playchute’s current gardening project – when she’s finished I think it will be outstanding but until we reach the grand unveiling I won’t spoil the surprise. I will, however, share with you my woeful contribution to this enterprise. Penny mentioned that she would be needing me to gently rotovate the piece of ground she has been working on once she had top-dressed it with compost. She then went off to purchase the appropriate quantity of compost. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear the bit about waiting until she returned with the compost and set about tilling the ground while she was out. I was just in the process of cleaning the rotovator when she returned.

Oh my goodness – her face was a picture of despair and devastation. By rotavating before the compost had been applied, the soil was now too light to walk on and she had to spread the compost by hand and rake it in! Triple the work and triple the disappointment in me as a gardening idiot!

We had a treat on Tuesday – we started a “new” yoga class with our “old” yoga teacher. Long story, short – we used to do yoga once a week with Fran, an instructor at the local gym. A few years back she ruptured her Achilles tendon and was out of action for a number of months. Then, when she came back she had a setback and was off for another few months, by which time the gym had replaced her! The new yoga teacher is undoubtedly a good practitioner but a fairly prosaic instructor. So, we gave up on yoga and started attending Pilates instead.

Fast forward a year or so and Penelope received an e-mail from our “old” teacher informing her of the classes she would be teaching for the new term. We knew that Fran did some classes at The Mill in Banbury and we assumed that’s where these would be held. Imagine our chagrin when we discovered these were to be held in Hook Norton, about 45 minutes from home! So, off we set bright and early on Tuesday morning and in spite of the journey, it was great. Fran is an excellent teacher for old codgers such as us and takes things at a gentle pace. We both felt the benefits of a good stretch and relaxation (as if I need any more relaxing!).

We also had another Date Night on Tuesday evening, this time borne out of sheer exhaustion. Having toiled away in the garden under the “blazing” sun we decided a nice meal out at The Crown Inn at Weston might be just the ticket. And very tasty it was too!

More flowers (and a look at the roses in Penelope’s Front Garden)!

There was an interesting article in the Guardian the other day which illustrates how privatisation works. 

Water bosses pay themselves £58m over past five years

Household water bills have risen by 40% above inflation since the industry was privatised in 1989, according to a National Audit Office report.

You gotta love those thieving Tories.

Finally, I saw this the other day on Facebook.

OMG – my mother is now using Emojis!

Off later today on our second visit to Thenford Open Gardens just down the road from here. Our first visit earlier in the year was excellent although everything was a bit behind due to our lousy spring weather. Hopefully, the weather will stay fine(ish) and we can see the gardens in greater glory. I’ll let you know.

Love to you all,



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