19 August 2018

Good morning and welcome to, hopefully, another fine day. We’ve had a mixed week weather wise – some sunshine, some drizzle, some clouds, some breeze, some of just about everything apart from hail and snow. No hot, sweltering days though – just normal weather for the time of year. This is what a British summer is all about, never mind all those hot sunny days!

Pretty ordinary activities this week – an outing to look at some possible roof lights for our new kitchen extension and collecting another Guest for Penelope’s B&B from the airport. Other than that, we’ve spent our time being amused and wonderfully entertained by the delectable Jessica. What joy it is to have a two year old in the house!

Ms Playchute and I had an outing on Thursday to a despatch depot to look at some possible roof lights for our kitchen extension which we hope to start next spring. Our architect had originally drawn a very smart ridge light which would have extended the full length of the ridge with nothing but glass. Very cool but, as we soon found out, also very expensive! So, we’ve had to scratch around and come up with a Plan B. Hence the outing to Bourton-on-the-Water to see a sample of roof lights which will achieve the same result – let lots of sun into the new kitchen – at a price we can probably just about manage.

The delightful Jessica continues to provide great amusement. Earlier in the week Penny was doing a chicken pie for dinner and enlisted Jessica’s assistance for the finer details, as you can see.

Very tasty it was too.

And then she provided additional entertainment in the form of a song and dance routine.

Her English is coming along!

We’ve got a full house as of Friday which is when we collected Penny’s niece Thi from Toronto who will be with us for a couple of weeks. With Adam, Ava and Jessie currently occupying the Guest Suite poor Thi has to bunk down in Annabelle’s room. It’s very comfortable and has its own bathroom just adjacent but it is alarmingly close to our bedroom. I hope Thi has a strong stomach as no one should be forced to see me in my underwear of a morning!

A friend posted the following on Facebook but it perhaps needs a bit of background for our non-UK readership. I think I wrote about it previously but the Looney Brexiteers have, apparently, been fed up for years that the UK passport changed from a “Royal” blue to a burgundy colour. They objected because this was allegedly foisted on us by the demons in the EU. Like so much of what the Brexiteers claim, it’s nonsense and the UK could have had any colour passport they wanted. As a sop, however, the government announced that British passports would revert to their “traditional” blue colour post-Brexit. Unfortunately, when the contract was put out to tender, the British firm which had been producing UK passports was deemed to be too expensive and a French firm won the contract. As you might imagine, this has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth! On the whole though it seems that it’s more important to have a blue passport than to be concerned about the lack of British competitiveness as we fling ourselves over the Brexit cliff.

I could think of several more acerbic comments! And, if that wasn’t enough, how about the following which, again, was on Facebook.

Where would we be without Facebook for all our news?

Love to you all,




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