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16 September 2018

Autumn seems to be but just around the corner. The mornings have turned decidedly crisper and the two of our trees which do anything colourful have already started displaying their first blushes. Still, someone at Pilates on Friday announced that it was supposed to be 27o Celsius on Tuesday (80 F). That would be nice, but most everyone reckoned she must have been looking at the wrong country.

The big news this week – Jessie started nursery school on Friday. She’ll be attending two afternoons a week down the road at Culworth. Like all things, it seems, she has taken the new arrangements in her stride. When Adam and Ava went to “inspect” the nursery before enrolling her once she saw the toys and other children she shot off like a rocket and never really looked back. She thoroughly enjoyed her first afternoon and was absolutely exhausted by home time.

Juggling the transport needs of our current family unit is somewhat akin to the time when we lived in Radway and we (although mainly Penny) were constantly fetching and carrying one or the other of the boys to some appointment or other. Thankfully, much of our current transportation requirements are just down the road to Culworth, rather like taking them to Kineton back in the day.

Depressing Brexit news this week – is there any other kind? The governor of the Bank of England has said that a no-deal Brexit could be similar in impact to the financial crisis in 2008 – significant unemployment, falling house prices and transport links with Europe stalling. On the other hand the looney Brexiteers held a meeting where they had promised to outline their own proposals on how to achieve a deal with Europe. Unfortunately, they couldn’t agree on anything and the only upbeat part of their meeting was the announcement by an economic “expert” that the UK will be £ 1.1 trillion better off after a “no deal” Brexit. So, that’s all right then.

Photo of the week: This was apparently taken during the discussions as the group were trying to come up with any sensible suggestions.

And, fortuitously, I ran across this quote somewhere this week which seems appropriately apt:

The Italian seems wise, and is wise; the Spaniard seems wise, and is a fool; the French seems a fool, and is wise; and the English seems a fool and is a fool. —Quoted as a ‘common proverb’ by Thomas Scot in The Highwaies of God and the King (1623).

And just to round off the whole sorry mess, Chris Riddell had the following in the Guardian last week:

Yep, the English seems a fool and is a fool.

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