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28 October 2018

Another pretty decent week. More progress on Number One Wood End – we’re in the home stretch – just as the weather seems also to be in the home stretch, the end of summer and the arrival of autumn/winter.

Weather folks have been saying all week that winter starts here! The temperature has dropped about 10 degrees over the course of the week and frost has visited at night. Our visitors from China are very excited about the arrival of winter – NOT. They are shivering in their outdoor coats (indoors) while I keep reminding them that if this seems cold they need to prepare themselves for February when it really gets cold. I’m not sure they believe me.

It’s been a quiet week on the whole – no great adventures and no fine dining establishments on which to report. Adam and I have spent some time on the final touches to the grandchildren’s playhouse at Number One Wood End. After some considerable deliberation I finally decided, some weeks ago, to finish the roof with cedar shingles. A bit extravagant for a children’s playhouse admittedly but I thought it would set the whole construction off. So, I ordered the necessary shingles about two months ago and was promised delivery in two to three weeks. Eight weeks later following numerous enquiries and lamentations that my entire workforce was sitting up the garden twiddling their thumbs, the shingles finally arrived at the end of last week. So, this week Adam and I have been fixing the battens and attaching the shingles. Poor Adam has to play the role of the Roof Monkey as my tired and creaky old bones don’t allow me to scamper all along a roof ridge as once they did. So, just in time for the onset of winter, I think we’re nearly done.

I’ve written about how much fun it is to have a two and (nearly) a half year old in the house. It’s been fascinating to watch and hear her language develop. It’s also fascinating to observe the way in which toddlers have, essentially, no filter on what they say or do. For example, the other day Jessie let me know in no uncertain terms exactly where I lie in the hierarchy of her affections. Pen and I had been shopping in town and, when we returned I grabbed a bag of shopping and went through to the kitchen. I could hear Jessie in their room at the far end of the house and shouted, “Who’s here?”

There was an immediate stampede of pattering feet as she sprinted along the corridor and into the kitchen. When she saw me, however, she stopped on the spot, her face assumed an expression of extreme disappointment and she said in a despondent and dejected manner, “Oh. It’s Grandpa.”

Just then Pen came through the front door and shouted, “Hello!” Jessie’s face instantly burst into an enormous smile, her eyes sparkled and popped out of her head and she shouted, “Grandma! Grandma!” as she sprinted toward the front door, arms flailing with excitement, as if fired from a cannon. Rather similar, indeed, to the following:

Yep, I now know exactly where I stand, as if there was ever any doubt.

That’s all folks!

Love to you all,





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