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23 December 2018

Well, I guess we are kind of ready – as ready as we’ll ever be, I suppose. The tree is up and decorated and there is a mountain of presents stashed away underneath so I guess some folks in this house have been good this year – what are the chances of that?

Christmas greetings have been dispatched – most by e-mail but some VIP recipients still get cards lovingly prepared by Ms Playchute in each of which she writes an essay. If yours hasn’t arrived yet you can get hold of the web version here with “new and improved” additional photos.

To help get us in the festive spirit we had Carol singers on Thursday evening. Penelope and I were watching television when I heard a knock at the door and the sound of two cats fighting outside the front window. I opened the door to be confronted by about a dozen carollers singing earnestly. I smiled benevolently while Penny went in search of some coins to drop in the charity box. When she returned she suggested I go and fetch Ava so that she could witness this Christmas tradition for the first time.

Ava was upstairs in the Guest Wing with Jessie in the bath. So, I trotted down to the other end of the house and shouted, “Ava, you ought to come and see this – we have carol singers at the front door.”

“What are carol singers?” she asked.

“It’s a Christmas tradition. Folks come around and sing Christmas carols outside your front door and you have to pay them to go away.”

“Oh,” she says, “do I need to get some money?”

“No,” I replied, “Penny has already paid them but they won’t go away!”

A gentle introduction to the holiday season – I wonder what she will make of the carol singing on the Green on Christmas Eve?

Thank you to all who sent birthday greetings and birthday gifts – I had a fine day including a rousing musical performance by Jessie as I enjoyed breakfast. Amongst the plethora of cards, my favourite was the following kindly presented to me by Ms Playchute – Oh! She knows me so well.

I love it – Nothing to do and all day to do it! And when did she take that photo of me?

And finally, fifty years ago on Christmas Eve the iconic Earthrise photo was taken by the astronauts on the Apollo 8 mission.

Is it really fifty years ago and have we really done such a crappy job looking after our planet? In current times with the idiotic and selfish supposedly looking after us all, I wonder sometimes whether it will last another fifty years at the rate we are destroying it. Lord, help us!

Hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful time with family & friends and we send you all our very best wishes.

Love to you all,




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