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24 February 2019

Another good week – decent enough weather, more progress on the building project, a sleep over and an outing with Annabelle. What could be better than that?

Annabelle came for a sleep over last Saturday while her parents went out and painted the town red. I am assured that the parents had a good time – we certainly did. Jessie absolutely adores her older cousin and they are inseparable. Sometimes I think Annabelle might like it if Jessie was a little bit less of a constant appendage but she is very patient and very good with her.

On Wednesday Annabelle and I had a grand day out on our own. We visited the Pendon Model Railway Museum which is always good fun. On Wednesday during the school half term break they hold modelling sessions for youngsters where the kids get to design a plot of land with a model house or building and then add grass and trees.

We’ve been visiting the Pendon Museum for about 30 odd years – I remember taking Adam once when he was about seven or eight years old. The museum has expanded considerably over the years and now has three intricately modelled railway layouts with trains shuttling back and forth. They have been working on one of their displays for the whole of those 30 plus years – an area called the Vale which is based on the Vale of the White Horse in south Oxfordshire. They have a number of photographs from the 1930s and have laid out a village and outlying farms which are modelled as they were in the 1930s. The detail on these models is simply stunning – what would one expect from a group of model railway nutters? Even the interiors have incredible, minute detail and the overall effect is spectacular.

The building work continues to proceed well assisted by the pretty decent weather we’ve had so far – only one day when it misted a slight drizzle for a bit but otherwise it’s been dry and warm for the time of year. This week footings have been dug and concrete poured. Having excavated mountains of earth, it’s nice to start going upwards.

I ran across the following the other day.


I couldn’t agree more!

Love to you all,




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