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3 March 2019

Good week, bad week. Rather like the good cop, bad cop interrogation methods sometimes employed against hardened criminals, this week’s weather was similar – good (bordering on great) weather for the first part of the week (records were broken!); a reversion to normalcy from Thursday onwards with the usual cooler temperatures, rain and gale force winds. 

The grand weather drew us out on Saturday last week – we headed down the road to the Evenley Wood Gardens for a wander around. Adam and Jessica joined Penny and me and it was absolutely lovely – I’m not sure why we’ve not been here before, apart from never having heard of it, I guess.

The snow drops were out in abundance as were some of the daffodils – the rest were bulgingly ready to burst.

The sun kept shining and on Sunday Jessie decided that she would help Grandma with some gardening. At one point they came across a couple of worms which elicited much interest. Finally, the worms began to burrow down into the earth again and Penny explained to Jessie that they were going to hide now. Jessie immediately put her hands over her eyes and starting counting – 1, 2, 3 . . . so that they could play a game of hide and seek.

The sun was still shining on Tuesday (!) so Penny and I went for a stroll around Cropredy, just because we could. We did part of a circular walk around the village which took us to parts of Cropredy and Williamscote which we had not explored before. The weather was gorgeous and we, I presume, looked similarly gorgeous in our shirtsleeves, striding out across the countryside. We earned the ice cream at the end of the walk.

Big news – Adam starts a new job tomorrow. He will be working in Wellingborough doing some computer coding for a company which builds and maintains web sites. He had a couple of opportunities to choose from and he eventually settled on this one as it gives him a bit more flexibility to work around Ava’s working and Jessica’s nursery commitments. It’s a busy life!

Wellingborough is a fair old commute so he also is the owner of a “new” car which will get him there and back on a regular basis. My goodness they’ve come a long way – new country, driving license, new car, new job, etc. We’re very proud of him!

The building, surprisingly, continues! What are the chances of that? This week we have footings and a concrete slab as well as a gargantuan hole in the ground as a soakaway for the rainwater.

One issue which may cause a hold up – the local planning officer has still not been round to approve the bricks we intend to use. We’re now into our fifth week of waiting for him/her to arrive and there aren’t that many jobs still to do before the builders will want to get on with the brick laying. Oh well.

Brexit – Penny shared this on Brexit by a chap called Dave Brown.

Enough said.

Love to you all,




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