21 April 2019

So much to do and so little time! I am afraid this will be short & sweet this week – Ben, Brex-Anna and Max have arrived and we are planning to have too much fun to do anything else!

So, you will have to put up with some photos of the building work (yes, the bricks have arrived and we have the beginnings of some walls. Also, the patio is beginning to take shape for the fine weather we are anticipating).

And then there are a few photos of the garden to share – the plum blossom is gone but now the pear and cherry trees have burst forth. Only the apples are yet to show.

And then there are some photos of our elder granddaughter celebrating her 7 and a half birthday – apparently, that’s a thing now.

And, Annabelle came for a sleepover on Tuesday and she and Jessie made themselves comfortable while watching a film. The indignities a grandfather has to endure!

And our swallows are back – they arrived home on Wednesday. All is well with the world.

Happy Easter!

Love to you all,



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