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12 May 2019

Now that our visitors have safely returned home it’s “back to normal” around here, whatever “normal” is. I suppose normal could be the crappy weather we’ve had for most of the week – it has been chucking it down and the temperatures have certainly been on the chilly side of things. So intense and continuous that the builders didn’t even bother to turn up two days this week – too wet for brick laying (and Monday was a bank holiday for May Day so that doesn’t even count). Here’s hoping that things take a turn for the better.

I forgot to mention last time the very brave and very well fed robin who joined our table for lunch when we were at Coton Manor with Ben, Brex-Anna and Max. Robins generally look a bit threadbare and worn out at this time of year – building nests and feeding babies is hard work for a small bird! This one, however, looked plump and neat and I guess if I were a robin and was feasting every day on the crumbs and left-overs from dozens of lunch plates I too would be plump and neat. As it is I am merely plump.

In spite of the miserable weather this week, the garden is beginning to look lovely as the leaves come out. Monday was the last time we saw the sun but Wood End looked lovely and was enveloped with birdsong.

We did manage a walk across the fields in between the showers. As you can see, though, we didn’t miss them by much!

We had a surprise and most welcome visitor at the weekend – our favourite diplomat was in town for a few days so we begged him to come and visit. After considerable persuasion, he finally relented and agreed to hop on the train and make his way up to the country. As always, it was great to see him and to enjoy the odd glass of wine or seven.

We neglected to wish Ben a “Happy Birthday” in last week’s edition so we should remedy that straight-away – Happy Birthday!

It was also Sallie’s birthday yesterday so “Happy Birthday” to you too my older sister. Not sure if you are back home yet or still in Paris but wherever, hope you had a great day!

As it was so wet in the week there’s been little progress on Penelope’s New Kitchen apart from the erection of the scaffolding. The weather didn’t stop Ms Playchute, though. She spent many happy hours enthusiastically and energetically tackling the beds alongside the new patio. She has some lavender bunches ready to go in and it’s going to be delightful – both visually and aromatically. I can already taste the glass of red wine while sitting out on a summer’s evening. 

As she was digging, however, she came up against the footings from the wall – much more digging and excavating than she had planned on! 

And finally, Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and to all the marvellous mothers in our extraordinary collection of family and friends!

Love to you all,




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