16 June 2019

What a miserable, miserable, miserable rainy week. The rain started almost the moment we walked through the door on our return from St Ives last week and I don’t think it’s relented for more than about ten minutes since. It is wet, wet, wet!

So wet that the builders didn’t bother to materialise at all this week – our initial hopes of being finished by the end of June are beginning to look somewhat ambitious. Perhaps we’ll be done by the end of July? August? September? Christmas? 2020?

It’s also been unseasonably cold just to add insult to injury. So cold that I’ve had to switch the heating back on again and light fires in the wood burner three nights this week! What’s that all about? Come on!

We had a couple of visitors on Monday – a friend of Penny’s from her school days in East Africa was in the area and she and her husband dropped by for a spot of lunch. Penny attended school at the Loreto Convent in Kenya for two years before venturing on to Jamaica and California. Many of the “girls” have been flung far and wide – this particular acquaintance lives in Western Australia. Some years ago Penny discovered the existence of a Facebook page dedicated to the school and has “been in touch” with various former pupils ever since. We entertained one old classmate during a visit to Lake George some years ago and another alumna dropped in while we were living in Byfield. The “girls” find it fun to reminisce about the various Mother Superiors they endured and the nuns who hoicked up their habits when playing cricket.

On Thursday Penelope enjoyed a grand day out. She attended a bee keeping session at Charlecote Park, a birthday present from Nick and Lucy. Sadly, it was so wet, cold and rainy that the bees decided to huddle in their hives and keep warm rather than come out and perform for the visitors. Still, she came back very enthused and has already started to identify areas in the garden which could accommodate a hive or two. Framington House Garden Honey – I can see it in your Christmas parcels in a year or two.

Yesterday [Saturday] we had an outing to RHS Wisley in Surrey with the Moreton Pinkney Garden Club. Wisley is the showcase garden for the Royal Horticultural Society and, for more than 200 years, the RHS has been the force behind the nation’s love of gardening, backed up by its core vision to “enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place”.

I’ll let you have a full account of our visit and perhaps the odd photo or seven next week. In the meantime, though, have a quick look at the gardens from the air.

And finally, this from Calvin and Hobbes caught my eye.

Yep, that sounds about right.

Lots of love to you all,



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