28 July 2019

Scorcio! A blisteringly hot week with temperatures reaching 38o C (just over 100o F). Don’t worry folks, there’s nothing to see here – climate change is just fake news.

Last Saturday Penelope took herself off to London to join yet another march against the madness that is Brexit. This march had not been as well promoted as the previous ones and hence there were fewer participants. Still, there was a good-natured crowd of a couple of hundred thousand and its always heartening, in the depths of despair, to spend some time with like-minded sensible people.

Monday, Penelope and I had a lovely walk around Sulgrave, a village just a few miles down the road. It was a lovely day and we decided to try a walk we’d not done before. Sulgrave also has the advantage of having a small village shop and Pen needed some ingredients for that evening’s dinner. Alas, the shop shuts at noon on Mondays but the walk was lovely nevertheless.

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, Sulgrave is the ancestral home of one George Washington.

Thursday, in the height of the blistering temperatures, I took myself off to London to join our friend Stuart at Lords Cricket Ground for the England v Ireland cricket match. Ireland has only recently been “promoted” to the top flight of international cricket and this was the first proper test match between the two nations. Stuart has an Irish son-in-law who was keen to see the match so he and Stuart went for the first day on Wednesday. However, John was unable to attend day two so Stuart very kindly invited me to accompany him.

It was a great day out – the atmosphere was great and the occasion was splendid. Not much danger of my becoming a cricket enthusiast, however – cricket, as most of you will know, is even slower than baseball and that’s saying something. A baseball match might last in excess of three or four hours – occasionally even five! Cricket (depending on the version being played) can last five DAYS! And even then, it can end in a draw!

The weather was scorching (Thursday was the hottest day of the current spell) but thankfully we were seated in one of the few sections of the grounds which had some shade. Pity the poor bastards who sat in the sun all day. What’s that expression? Mad dogs and Englishmen sit out in the midday sun? Yep, I guess that’s about right.

Some good progress on the building this week – the electricians turned up on Thursday to start the first fix in the new extension and made great headway. They finished up on Friday having dragged lots of wires here, there and everywhere. Wire are dangling out of walls and the ceilings ready for the chaps to come and board and plaster the ceiling next week.

Even though we had done a preliminary plan of where we wanted power sockets, lights, etc. there were still plenty of decisions which needed making on the spot. Where do you want the light switches? Which bank of lights should come on together and which should be separately switched? Downlights or track lights? Tea or coffee? We hope we’ve got it reasonably right but will probably discover, once we are in and living with it, that we’ve made some school boy errors. Oh well.

I guess I can’t put it off any longer – you will have heard that Boris Johnson is our new Prime Minister having secured about two-thirds of the vote of Conservative Party members. What a great system of democracy we have – the last two Prime Ministers have been chosen by either the Conservative Party MPs (in Teresa May’s case) or by a vote of the Conservative Party membership which is overwhelmingly white, wealthy, old and male. Good luck!

This is the same chap who has been sacked multiple times for lying and is well known for his political gaffes. He is also a serial adulterer who acknowledges having four children and went to court to try and hide the revelations of his fifth child, the result of an affair. He was sacked from the shadow cabinet when Michael Howard was leader for lying about another affair in which the woman concerned had an abortion.

The Mirror had a column the other day citing at least 37 lies or gaffes which make him utterly unfit to be PM. But, if a serial liar and adulterer can become president of the US, why not the same for PM of the UK? So many splendid cartoons and political comments – which ones to share?

Clare in the Community is an occasional political cartoon in the Guardian. Feel free to insert your own preferred four-letter word:

This one was shared on Facebook by our friend Clive. It’s a mock-up of the posters one sees on the London Underground. I’d love to think it was real but clearly someone is very proficient with PhotoShop:

By the way, for the benefit of my American friends, David Cameron was the last snotty-nosed Etonian to be Prime Minister. Eton clearly produces political leaders of the highest calibre. (As a parent wouldn’t you be pissed off if you spent something in the region of £40,000 a year and the result was a complete and utter political twat?)

And this last one made me laugh. Again, it was shared by someone on Facebook and is an excellent rendition of TweedleDumb and TweedleDumber.

Honest. I keep telling you – you could not make this shit up!

Lots of love to you all,





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