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8 September 2019

Whew! I told you this would be a fascinating couple of weeks. What’s that I keep saying? You could not make this stuff up!

The whole Brexit saga, now that Boris has assumed the crown, feels like a script from House of Cards. For my American friend and reader who might not be aware, the original series of House of Cards was set in the UK and was all about a vicious, conniving, backstabbing opportunist who plotted and schemed to undermine the leaders of his party to serve his own interests and sense of entitlement. Boris makes Francis Urguhart/Frank Underwood look positively angelic – a lying, deceitful opportunist.

He’s been Prime Minister now for a mere matter of weeks (most of which time Parliament has been on summer recess) but he’s succeeded in losing three Parliamentary votes (out of three), being caught out lying (again) and acting with astonishing hypocrisy.

It seems that when he said he had no plans to prorogue Parliament (i.e., shut it down between now and Brexit day so that there would be no opposition to his no deal Brexit) what he really meant to say was that he had already decided, two weeks earlier, to do exactly that. A serial liar whose sense of entitlement lets him imagine that he can say and do what he likes with no regard for the consequences. Remind you of anyone?

He’s now taken it upon himself to expel those members of the Conservative Party who voted against him in the recent Brexit debates in Parliament. In other words, he is ousting members of the Party who did exactly what he and half the members of the current cabinet did when they voted against Theresa May’s Brexit proposals. To suggest that he is a hypocrite doesn’t really do it justice – is there a stronger word one might use instead? Something somewhat more polite than “Twat”? (The “C” word fits him perfectly but is far too rude to include in a family publication).

And it goes from bad to worse – now his brother, Jo Johnson, who was universities minister, has resigned from the government citing the irresolvable conflict between familial loyalty and the national interest. Astonishingly for a politician, he chose the national interest – what are the chances of that? In this he joins his sister Rachel who left the Conservative party and joined the Liberal Democrats some months ago. I can see the election placards being drawn up as we speak – “Even your own family don’t trust you!”

Interestingly, Michael Dobbs, who wrote House of Cards, is a Conservative politician and member of the House of Lords who happened to support Leave during the referendum. Could it be that this is all a televisual nightmare from whence we will awaken when the credits finally roll?

In other news – it’s been a lovely week with some glorious sunny weather, albeit a bit “autumnal.” The extension has been painted (at least the walls and ceilings) and it continues to look better and better. Now we need some floor tiles to arrive so that we can crack on and get this bit finished. The new kitchen units and appliances are due to arrive the middle of next week and fitting is scheduled to begin the week commencing Monday 16 September. We’re not holding our breath.

School started up again this week and Jessie went off with great enthusiasm. When asked what she was going to do at school she replied that she was going to hug and kiss everyone. Good idea!

Finally, this cartoon from my New Yorker desk calendar last weekend raised a smile – if only it weren’t quite so true.

We’re off for a short break with Adam, Ava and Jessica next weekend so you may be lucky (again) and not have an inbox full of treacle to wade through.

Lots of love to you all,





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