2 February 2020

Happy Groundhog Day!

At last! We have been well and truly Brexited – rather like being filleted, I suspect. Alive. With a dull knife. And no anaesthetic, awake and conscious through the whole exercise while our vitals are ripped out and we are rent asunder. It will be interesting to see how long it is before it all goes tits up and whether the gullible naïve racists who voted to leave realise that they too are being f**ked with all the rest of us. Ironically, those areas which voted most vigorously to leave are exactly the areas which are going to be hardest hit.

“We want to have the best possible relationship with the United Kingdom, but it will never be as good as [EU] membership.”

– Ursula Von Der Leyen, European Commission president.

And, in one final metaphor, the Banksy mural showing a yellow star being chiselled from the EU flag by a workman up a ladder has been whitewashed over.

From the Manchester Evening News: The artwork, which first appeared on a derelict building near Dover’s ferry terminal in May 2017, was covered up with scaffolding last month, as Banksy had intended to update it in time for Britain’s exit from the EU on October 31st.

The mural, previously valued at £1 million, disappeared from the wall of the former Castle Amusements building in Townwall Street it had adorned for the last two years.

It had greeted traffic travelling towards the Port of Dover and had become a popular tourist attraction.

Banksy said there were plans to update the piece on “Brexit day” to show a crumpled flag on the ground, but said it “seems they’ve painted over it”.

On his Instagram, Banksy wrote: “Oh. I had planned that on the day of Brexit I was going to change the piece in Dover to this. But seems they’ve painted over it.

“Never mind. I guess a big white flag says it just as well.”

Yep, that about sums it up.

There was a quiz night at the Village Hall last night. Some villagers thought Penny and I would be a splendid addition to their team. How wrong they were.

Finally, I thought this was quite cute.

Story of my life.

Lots of love to you all,



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