24 May 2020

Lockdown week 11 and it’s been another fine week. Largely sunny and, on a couple of days, actually verging on hot! A couple of Pimms sort of days. But, just as you thought you could get used to this, on Friday it dawned cloudy and blustery with the merest of hints of rain. Alas, once again, the rain largely passed us by.

As is becoming usual during lockdown, I’ve done little or nothing of any consequence. I did have a good success with this week’s sourdough – thanks to Nick’s excellent teaching and, in particular, his two most recent sourdough videos. Thank goodness I have finally secured an ample supply of bread flour.

We’ve also enjoyed a few bike rides, one of which explored a new route (new to us anyway) with some spectacular views but also a few long and unrelenting climbs. Still, it’s always nice to be out and I am clocking up the mileage on my virtual Land’s End to John o’ Groats expedition. I’ve reached the outskirts of Bath, a beautiful city even in my virtual imagination. Check out the hill I had to climb beginning at Km 136!

Nick, of course, continues to speed ahead of me. As of Wednesday (I think) he was all the way to Hereford.

And, mainly because Jessie seems to like them (Adam says she likes to chase the dot all over the screen) but also partly to bore the pants off you, a short video of two of the rides from last week.

Apparently, she was delighted that the second ride produced the shape of a balloon – could I please plan my next ride to make the outline of a unicorn?

While I’ve been doing nothing, Penny continues to be diligently assiduous, as you would expect! The garden is looking absolutely stunning and the utility room is receiving her decorator’s touch.

But she still doesn’t have enough to do so she’s also been making facemasks for the village. She made about thirty and offered them for sale on the village Facebook page donating the proceeds to two charities. They flew off the shelf so she had to try and find some additional fabric online. That arrived this week so she is back in production mode in between gardening, painting & bike riding. There is no stopping her! I like to think I provide the necessary balance in this partnership.

I want you to know that I am smiling behind my mask!

This caught my eye this week:

Well, you couldn’t get a bigger bunch of clowns than our current government.

Finally, the Guardian had an article on some lip-syncing spoofs which have been doing the rounds. Many of them feature Trump (he’s such an easy target) but I particularly enjoyed one of Boris reading a bedtime story to Theresa May.

And finally, finally, this week’s virtual garden tour (courtesy of the National Garden Scheme) is Chilworth Manor in Surrey.

Meanwhile, keep happy, keep smiling, keep isolating and keep safe.

Lots of love to you all,




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