28 March 2021 – Amusements

“Has your son decided what he wants to be when he grows up?” I asked my friend.

“He wants to be a garbage man,” he replied.

“That’s an unusual ambition to have at such a young age.”

“Not really. He thinks that garbage men work only on Tuesdays.”

From Penny’s sister J

Book Blurbs – Glossary of Terms

Enchantingthere’s a dog in it
Heart-warminga dog and a child
Movingchild dies
Heart-rendingdog dies
Thoughtfulmind-numbingly tedious
Hauntingset in the past
Exoticset abroad
Audaciousset in the future
Award-winningset in India
Perceptiveset in north London
Epiceditor cowed by author’s reputation
From the pen of a mastersame old, same old
In the tradition ofshamelessly derivative
Spare and tautunder researched
Richly detailedover-researched
Disturbingauthor is bonkers
Stellarauthor young and photogenic
Classicauthor hanging in there
Vintageauthor past it

At a workshop on dog temperament, the instructor noted that a test for a canine’s disposition was for an owner to fall down and act hurt. A dog with poor temperament would try to bite the person, whereas a good dog would lick his owner’s face or show concern.

Once, while eating pizza in the living room, I decided to try out this theory on my two dogs. I stood up, clutched my heart, let out a scream and collapsed on the floor.

The dogs looked at me, glanced at each other and raced to the coffee table for my pizza.

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