8 August 2021 – Amusements

A Greek tourist visits the United States on his first overseas trip. Upon arrival at the Immigration desk, he is visibly puzzled filling out his visa application. The immigration officer looks over the man’s shoulder, and sees the tourist trying to write ‘Twice a week’ into the small space labelled “SEX”.

The officer explains “No, no, no, that isn’t what we mean by this question. We are asking Male or Female.”

The tourist answers, “Does it matter?”

A man is sitting at home alone when he hears a knock at the front door. He opens it to find two sheriff’s deputies standing there. He asks if there is a problem. One of the deputies asks if he is married. The man replies, “Yes, I am.” The deputy then asks if he could see a picture of the man’s wife.

The guy says, “Sure, I guess,” and gets a photo to show them. The deputy examines the photo, turns and has a whispered conversation with his partner, then turns back to the man.

“I’m very sorry, sir,” he says, “but it looks like your wife’s been hit by a truck.”

The guy replies, “I know, but she’s great with the kids and she can really cook.”

Two passengers on a flight to Ibiza over the weekend reportedly had sex while in their seats. And nobody was more upset than the guy in the middle.

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