17 October 2021

I guess it’s true, there’s no point trying to deny it any longer – Autumn is on the way. The nights are drawing in, the leaves are turning and the mornings seem increasingly misty with an Autumnal feel. Mustn’t complain, really – the temperature is still very tolerable for the time of year but it’s all downhill from here, I’m afraid.

It’s been a good week on the whole and we’ve been very busy in the garden. You will note that I said, “we’ve” been very busy. It’s true – as well as watching Penelope toil for many, many hours, I actually lent a hand for a few moments as well.

Two main tasks were achieved this week. The first was to remove all the grass and weeds in an area in the orchard which involved Penelope in a lot of digging and me in a bit of pretending to dig and tidy everything into a large pile to rot down over the winter. The idea is that this particular section of the orchard will be planted with dozens of spring bulbs and wild flowers which hopefully will paint a picture in the spring and summer.

The other task, which again I mainly watched, was the removal of three large and exceedingly vicious and evil rose bushes from what we laughingly refer to as the Croquet Lawn. These roses have been there “forever” and are very large and decidedly overgrown. Not only are they perhaps past their prime, their tentacles grab and lacerate my arms, legs and shoulders whenever I pass too close when mowing the lawn. As well as lots of chopping and digging at deep, ancient roots, there were lots of trips to the recycling centre to dispose of the detritus. I have to confess; I am delighted to see the back of them!

I passed a milestone of sorts on my virtual Route 66 cycling expedition this week. On Thursday I passed 760 miles which takes me just over a third of the distance between Chicago and Santa Monica. I also enjoyed two particular stops along the way – Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park in Foyil, OK, and The Blue Whale which can be found in Catoosa, OK.

From the You Couldn’t Make It Up department

I am going to ignore the current government mischief concerning the Northern Ireland Protocol which apparently is so bad that it needs to be ripped up immediately. Or, at least that’s what Lord David Frost, the Brexit Minister says. I guess that’s going to come as a shock to Lord David Frost who was responsible for negotiating the protocol, recommending it to the government as “excellent” and to the government whose last election campaign was entirely predicated on Getting Brexit Done with this outstanding deal.

Rather, as the chickens of Brexit come home to roost, I thought I would share a few front pages from, mainly, the Daily Express, a loony propaganda sheet with little resemblance to a newspaper.

So, the loony Brexiteers and their cheerleaders in the media have got just about everything wrong. Funnily enough, there is still no admission that they got it all wrong, even though they are publishing all these contradictions.

We also had the first of what will no doubt turn out to be many reports on the government’s success or otherwise in handling the Coronavirus pandemic this week. It was produced by the Health and Social Care Committee and the Science and Technology Committee of the House of Commons comprised of MPs from all parties. The headline says it all – the government’s inaction contributed to “one of the UK’s worst ever public health failures.” Not surprisingly, the government continues to regurgitate that it’s too early to tell how good or bad their response was.

Our delightful, intelligent and gorgeous grandchildren continue to amuse and delight us. I am remiss for failing to mention a few weeks’ ago Jessie’s bringing home a Certificate of Achievement from school. She is such a clever girl and we are so proud of her.

And, Jessie also made her Rainbow Promise on joining her local Rainbow group this week. (If you are not familiar, Rainbows are the precursor to Brownies and Girl Guides),

We also had a lovely few photos of Max at the Pumpkin Farm getting ready for Halloween.

And, a week or so again, a short video of him helping wash Daddy’s new car.

Finally, a Happy, Happy Birthday to our lovely eldest granddaughter tomorrow – Annabelle will be ten years old. My goodness, doesn’t time fly when you are enjoying yourself.

Meanwhile, keep happy, keep smiling, keep isolating as much as you can, wear a f**king facemask when you go out and keep your distance. And keep safe.

Lots of love to you all,


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