5 June 2022

And, we’re back. Again. We had a fabulous week in Wales and have just about had time to catch our breath.

Firstly, apologies for the change in appearance of the MPP this week. I had a note in the week from the folks who host this nonsense alerting me to the fact that I was running an antiquated version of PHP (whatever the f**k that is). I was ordered to change forthwith or the world would implode. So, I did and the latest version broke the site completely! I’ve reverted to a slightly less antiquated version but, since I understand almost nothing about this side of things, we’ve clearly got some work to do “under the bonnet” to get up to date.

Secondly, apologies for the brief content in this week’s edition. Adam is coming over today [Saturday] and he and I are hoping to finish Penelope’s Pergola. So, there won’t be time to give you a full update on the fantastic Welsh holiday we’ve just enjoyed. In short, it was terrific in every way – fabulous house in a fabulous location with fabulous people. Three generations, three “proper” birthdays in the week and a 100 Day Birthday for Julieta. Great food, great company, great break.

Instead, I’ll just throw the best of the least bad photos up and that will have to suffice for this week.

Meanwhile, keep happy, keep smiling, be careful, wear a f**king facemask in crowded places and keep your distance. And keep safe.

Lots of love to you all,


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