31 July 2022

It’s been Scorcio! again this week. Temperatures have been in the high 70s to mid 80s which of course, for us, is hot. No rain for weeks and weeks and weeks. The grass is brown and dusty but thank goodness the Prime Minister was able to let his hair down and party while (some of) the grown-ups in the government were having emergency meetings to try to come up with a plan to deal with the emergency.

It’s also been a busy, busy week. We collected Ben, Brex-Anna and Max from Heathrow on Tuesday afternoon and, in spite of all the evidence, they neither had to endure a six-hour queue nor having their luggage travel to Delhi while they went from LA to London. Indeed, they sailed through in a matter of moments and we were soon on our way up the motorway to beautiful downtown Moreton Pinkney.

Adam, Ava and Julieta popped over on Wednesday afternoon to say “Hello” and Nick, Lucy and Annabelle came over on Thursday afternoon for a barbeque. They (Nick, Lucy and Annabelle) departed in the campervan for their inaugural outing to a campsite near Tewkesbury – I’m sure they’ll have fun.

For us it’s been a few days of finding and visiting fun and exciting things for Max to enjoy. St Nicholas Park in Warwick has a great selection of “ordinary” playground equipment as well as a small selection of fun-fair type rides. Not surprisingly, the train-themed rides were highly popular.

Yesterday we had a great day out with Adam, Ava, Jessie and Julieta at Delapre Abbey in Northampton. They were hosting “Dinosaurs in the Park” which consisted of about a dozen life-size animatronic dinosaurs scattered through the woodland. Good fun for the youngsters. And, as well as the dinosaurs there was a fun fair with rides for even more fun!

Afterwards we all trooped back to Adam & Ava’s for a barbeque – spicy jalapeno laced burgers as well as some maple-smoked ones. Delicious. A walk in the woods nearby rounded off a splendid day.

So, it’s a very brief summary today – perhaps I’ll have time to provide a bit more detail next time. We’re off to Paris for a couple of days on Monday via Eurostar, another railway-themed adventure for Max. We’ll let you know how we get on next time.

In the meantime, those clever folks at Led by Donkeys have been at it again:

And, just to assure you that, in spite of record setting temperatures, record breaking corruption, an utterly dysfunctional government and two of the dimmest contenders for the crown trying their best to appear to be furthest to the right of Genghis Khan, it’s good to know that the bosses of the water companies continue to take the piss out of the British public.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Jean-Baotiste Alphonse Karr

Meanwhile, keep happy, keep smiling, be careful, wear a f**king facemask in crowded places and keep your distance. And keep safe. And be gentle to wasps and bees.

Lots of love to you all,


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  1. Glad to see Daisy is insisting on equal face-time. Assuming Jessica really adores her cousin, although the choke-hold position does give one pause. Love those LbD guys!

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