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13 March 2016

Whew! What a week. We’ve had the full gamut of weather this week from sleeting down rain and sleet to glorious, glorious (and warm) sunshine to impenetrable fog and mist. We’ve also been compelled to provide unrelenting amusement opportunities to a most splendid visitor as well as somehow fitting in all the other events and diversions in our ceaselessly entertaining lives. Continue reading

6 March 2016

Good morning and welcome to March – surely we can’t have too much more of this cold and very breezy weather to endure, can we? It’s nearly Spring, isn’t it? Please? We’ve had a few good days this week, fresh with bright, bright, bright blue skies as well as some fairly miserable days with cold, freezing Arctic winds and lashings of rain. I guess it’s true – variety being the spice of life, I mean. Continue reading

28 February 2016

What a great week! Tolerably decent weather, an enjoyable outing to the old people’s matinee at the cinema and a horde of workmen descending on Framington House to move a couple of Penelope’s Projects along a bit.

The weather has turned cold but, in compensation, the skies for much of the week have been clear and bright and blue. The weather front dividing the country into two last weekend slowly slid southward during the week so that we too got to enjoy the Arctic blasts – Thursday morning even brought a little dusting of snow as if someone had sprinkled a bit of powdered sugar over the Green. And, because the sun was bright it even gave the appearance of being warm (which it wasn’t but you know how easily fooled some people are) – Penelope took the sunshine as an excuse to continue hacking and chopping the overgrowth outside. Continue reading

21 February 2016

It’s been another good week (mainly). No great adventures or “dates” this week, just ordinary stuff with one or two modest exceptions. The weather has been largely fine – we’ve had some freezing cold days with bright, bright sunshine and deep blue skies interspersed with some less cold days, overcast and dreary. At the moment, the UK is split into two roughly equal parts by a weather front which is sluggishly traversing the country – to the north temperatures are sub-zero and the precipitation is falling as rain, sleet and snow. To the south temperatures are nudging double digits (Celsius) and, while overcast, it is largely dry and approaching Spring-like conditions. Thankfully, we’re in the south. Continue reading

14 February 2016

Greetings, once again, from beautiful downtown Moreton Pinkney. It’s been a grand week with tolerably decent weather, especially towards the end of the week. It’s been cold and frosty overnight but sunny and deceptively Spring-like in the afternoons. The weather was so glorious on Thursday afternoon that we took ourselves off for a tromp across the countryside.
Continue reading

31 January 2016

It’s been a mixed bag of a weather week – cold, windy and wet followed by sunny and not so wet followed by more cold, windy and wet. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose! Continue reading

24 January 2016

Hello, good morning and welcome to another Moreton Pinkney Picayune. We have a bumper, bumper crop of bits and pieces this week. The weather’s been cold, hovering just about freezing, and we even had a frosting of snow last Sunday. To be fair, it was only about an inch or so but still very pretty. And, as when we lived in Byfield, the road to town is regularly travelled and therefore we had no disruption to our day. All the snow had vanished by Monday, which is fine with me. Continue reading

17 January 2016

Hello, and welcome to another Sunday. The early part of the week has been cold, wet and windy and it seems that “winter” is finally trying to make its presence felt. We had our first frost on Thursday night/Friday morning and the end of the week was bright, sunny and cold! They’ve had snow further north and various warnings about the impending Arctic weather but so far we, at least, are snow-free. It would be nice if that were to continue indefinitely but the “experts” reckon we’ll probably get our share in the coming week(s).

Oops! Stop Press – our first snow of the season was delivered on Saturday night/Sunday morning! Very pretty and not enough to cause any disruption – that’s the kind of snow I can just about put up with. Continue reading

10 January 2016

It’s been a good week – I hope yours has been tolerably pleasant as well. It’s still unseasonably mild but there’s just a tinge of winter in the wind and I suspect it won’t be too long before the frost descends and those daffodils and other bulbs which have ventured out of their hibernation too soon will be cut down in their prime! Actually, as I sit in my study overlooking the Upper Green, the wind is howling and the rain and sleet is hurtling horizontally against the window – absolutely miserable. Continue reading

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