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9 October 2016

What a glorious week we’ve had – lovely, Autumnal weather, bright and clear with just a touch of crispness to wake up all the senses. Not surprisingly, Ms Playchute has spent the week tending her garden – chopping, pruning, digging. Very surprisingly, I also was involved in a few projects (under her careful supervision, of course). Continue reading

2 October 2016

Greg & Penny’s Chinese Adventure 2016 – Part III

And so, we come to our brief stop-over in Hong Kong on our way home. Our flight from Guilin to Hong Kong was at the very reasonable time of four in the afternoon so we had a leisurely start to our final day in Yangshuo. We gathered our possessions and packed our bags ready for the ride to the airport which was due to depart the Outside Inn at about 1.00 pm. Adam and Ava came out to the Inn along with Jessica and Ava’s mum and we were delighted to be able to spend a bit more time with each other before having to say good-bye. Continue reading

25 September 2016

Greg & Penny’s Chinese Adventure 2016 – Part II

With Jessica’s 100 Day Birthday Party in the rear view mirror we had a week full of adventures to work our way through before leaving Yangshuo for a couple of days in Hong Kong. Not surprisingly, Adam made sure we were thoroughly entertained for the remainder of our visit.

The day after Jessica’s party (Monday) we borrowed a couple of the “least bad” bicycles the Outside Inn had to offer and made our way along the canal path and into Yangshuo where we were aiming to meet up with Ava’s folks. They were on their way back to Liuzhou on the afternoon bus and so we met up at Rock ‘N’ Grill in Yangshuo for lunch. Continue reading

18 September 2016

Greg & Penny’s Chinese Adventure 2016 – Part I

Welcome home! As Penelope and I slumped into bed on Thursday evening we realised that we had accidentally discovered a space/time warp. As we had enjoyed so many outstanding adventures on our trip to China, it felt as if we had been away for months, not merely two weeks. I guess it’s true what they say – doesn’t time fly when you are enjoying yourselves? And what enjoyment we enjoyed! Continue reading

28 August 2016

You will all be delighted but not the least bit surprised to hear that Penelope’s Surprise Birthday Party for her sister J last Saturday was an outstanding success. To be fair, the weather did not fully cooperate as we had hoped so luncheon was served indoors although there was enough dry weather to allow the youngsters to burn off some of their excessive energy out of doors. Continue reading

21 August 2016

Annabelle came for an over-nighter last Saturday and, as always, we had a lot of fun. Nick and Lucy had a gazillion things to accomplish over the weekend which undoubtedly would be easier to achieve without the attentions of a four year old. So, having discussed arrangements with Nick & Lucy, Pen sent her a letter inviting her for a sleep-over. It was a very excited granddaughter who telephoned on Wednesday evening to convey her appreciation for and acceptance of the invitation. Unfortunately, Pen was out at gym when she phoned so she had to put up with me. Continue reading

14 August 2016

I think I may be becoming somewhat obsessed. I was in the kitchen on Wednesday or Thursday of last week making a sandwich for lunch. (And, before you think it outloud, I was not obsessing about what to put in my sandwich). As I was slicing the bread I was thinking about when I would next need to make a loaf of sourdough bread. I’ve been making it for well over a year now and my process has become increasingly reliable as the days & months have passed. However, the process is very time sensitive at certain points in the procedure. So, whenever I make bread I have to ensure that I am going to be home or close at hand at certain points during the day. Continue reading

7 August 2016

We went across to Nick & Lucy’s on Sunday evening to welcome home the intrepid travellers following their US adventures. Having been the only one on the plane who slept all the way home, Annabelle was full of beans, turbocharged with excitement. We’d like to think her excitement was due to seeing us again after a fortnight away but actually she was more excited (it seems) to be reunited with all the toys and games she had left at home. Continue reading

31 July 2016

We’ve just received Penelope’s car back from our friendly neighbourhood garage after a peculiar incident – one evening last week she discovered that the whole of her front grill, including the number plate, had gone missing. Intriguingly, she heard nothing to indicate that the front of her car was falling or had fallen off and was perplexed as to how and when it might have happened. Continue reading

24 July 2016

Phew! Scorcio! We’ve had a great week enjoying the English summer – six days with no rain and temperatures in the high 70s to 80s! Absolutely marvellous and great while it lasts. Keep up the good work! It’s also been another busy, busy week – two trips to London, two galleries and a West End show, lunch at Wahaca as well as a mid-week gastronomic masterpiece at the Dun Cow Pizzeria! Continue reading

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