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3 July 2016

A week is a long time in politics. Over the past week or so, twenty minutes has seemed a long time! I genuinely don’t know where to begin because, as I have often written, you can’t make this stuff up! Continue reading

26 June 2016

So, it’s finally over – the referendum to settle Britain’s relationship with Europe forever. And, the turkeys have indeed voted in favour of Thanksgiving.

After a campaign based on racism and lies, we finally know that the whole thing was an utter waste of time and money and there are nothing but losers everywhere one turns. The UK is a huge loser – the value of the pound plummeted as the result became clear and we now face forever being on the outside looking in with no opportunity to engage with and make the European Union better for everyone. Cameron is certainly a loser (I almost wrote “tosser” there but that would be too rude). Having called the referendum to, as John Major described it when he was fighting with his Eurosceptics more than twenty years ago, to “lance the boil” of his European dissenters, he’s achieved the opposite and is now consigned to the dustbin of history. He will be remembered as the man who almost single-handedly destroyed the United Kingdom. Scotland will almost certainly demand a second independence referendum – during the last one a very persuasive argument deployed was that the only way Scotland could remain part of the EU was to stick with the United Kingdom. That particular lever has now been broken and the Scots will almost certainly vote to leave the UK this time. Continue reading

19 June 2016

We had a fun weekend with our nephew David, my sister Susie’s son. He was due to be in London for a Mozilla conference and, bizarrely, thought he might come a few days early to spend some time with us. It’s clear that the TripAdvisor review Greg the Younger completed following his visit that the Guest Wing at Framington House is on the “Must Do” list. His visit was a delight and pleasure. Continue reading

5 June 2016

So, where were we? As we explained last time, we’ve been away for a few weeks and now, like the worst kind of “friends” who make you sit through their tedious holiday tales and infinite vacation photographs, we’ll share some of ours with “y’all.” Continue reading

29 May 2016

My goodness – it’s been a long time since we wrote anything here. It seems as if we’ve been away forever. As we warned you last time, we’ve been away in the States all this time – some very good times, unfortunately, a very sad time at the end of our stay and then some very good news we received yesterday. Continue reading

24 April 2016

Good morning. We’ve had a fairly decent spell of weather this week but it’s been a little of the “Good cop, bad cop” variety. We had some bright sunshine and even tolerably warm days at the beginning of the week; the tail end has brought colder temperatures and cloudier skies as we welcome a spell of freezing winds from the Arctic. Even the good days, though, have been somewhat schizophrenic at times – we are often on the cusp of competing weather fronts. So, when we watch the weather on the evening news we can get quite excited about the spell of splendidly warm and sunny weather they predict only to find that we’ve ended up on the wrong side of the line. Again. Oh well. Continue reading

17 April 2016

You know the old saying about waiting for a bus – you spend all day long waiting for a bus and then three come along at once? Our social calendar apparently operates in a similar manner. Last Friday lunchtime we went from having absolutely no commitments over the weekend to being thoroughly occupied with three “social” occasions in about twenty minutes. It’s lovely to be able to take advantage of such activities when they arise. Continue reading

10 April 2016

It’s been a quiet and moderately successful week even if I haven’t achieved very much (so what else is new?) and the weather has been somewhat less than perfect. After a few splendid, sunny Spring days last week, this week it’s been cloudier, wetter and windier and, with the wind pouring out of the northeast, considerably “fresher” than we might have hoped. It’s true what they say about those April showers! Still, we haven’t yet received a bucket load of snow as our friends and family in the great northeast did so I guess we should count our blessings. Continue reading

3 April 2016

Good morning on what I hope will turn into a splendid day for each of you. We’ve had a few good days at the end of the week following the havoc wrought by Storm Katie which sped through on Sunday night/Monday morning leaving damage and devastation in its wake. The real rough stuff was concentrated on the south coast so we escaped the real tumult – only one roofing slate came down in the wind. Continue reading

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