19 April 2020

Week Six of the Lockdown and it’s been another pretty fine week – very decent weather if somewhat cooler than last week. Lots of bright blue sunny skies. Although the weather folk have been “promising” some rain (which we need), it always seems to be just north or south or west or east of here. We finally had a moderate soaking yesterday but could do with more. Oh well. Continue reading “19 April 2020”

12 April 2020

Week Five of the Lockdown – we’re still here in glorious isolation! Thankfully, the weather this week has been (mainly) outstanding – warm temperatures and blue(ish) skies. Ideal for all the gardening Ms Playchute manages to find to do. Also, ideal for me to do one of the things I do best – lounge in the hammock in the orchard. Hey, I’m doing my bit to save the country!

Continue reading “12 April 2020”

5 April 2020

We’ve survived four weeks of the coronavirus lockdown! Still talking to one another (occasionally) and just about maintaining our sanity. I reckon the government could improve morale at a stroke by issuing certificates of achievement for those in self-isolation. Rather like awarding stars to young students for good work. You could get a certificate after a month, after three months, a year, three years, etc. Continue reading “5 April 2020”

29 March 2020

I have to say, if we have to be in self-isolation and lock down, there could be worse places to be than beautiful downtown Moreton Pinkney. We have open fields surrounding us with a plethora of public footpaths from which to choose for an afternoon walk. We also have a large garden which is a treat to retreat into (as long as the weather stays fine) and which also, now that Spring is here, needs a multitude of tasks and chores carried out. Continue reading “29 March 2020”

15 March 2020

This week we have mainly been self-isolating, hiding indoors most of the time hoping to avoid just about everyone and washing our hands every 20 seconds for ten minutes. Is that right? We’re coping well so far – after about three days we’re at least still talking to one another. According to the government we’ve only got another three or four months to go until the worst is over. Continue reading “15 March 2020”