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16 July 2017

Another good week – what are the chances of that? Good weather on the whole and the long-anticipated and much needed rain finally arrived, in a fashion, on Tuesday. Not the torrential downpours we had been promised but a light, steady rain which was very much welcomed by the flowers and vegetables in Penelope’s garden. Continue reading

9 July 2017

It’s been another very pleasant week indeed, depending on one’s perspective to some extent, I suppose. We’ve had fine weather – largely sunny and warm, but we’ve not had the rain which was predicted for Thursday and Penelope’s garden is feeling mighty parched. We can still water it ourselves until the authorities introduce the first hosepipe ban of the season but a thunderous outburst would be most welcome. Continue reading

2 July 2107

Not really but the contrast between last week’s sweltering temperatures and this week’s more modest offerings is striking. Wednesday last week was the hottest day of the “heatwave” and on Thursday the temperature was about 10o cooler, much more in keeping with normal June temperatures. That’s continued through much of this week except that it has continued to cool down so that on Thursday of this week it was a good 15o lower than it had been – sweaters and jackets once again the order of the day! Continue reading

18 June 2017

What a pleasant few days – moderately warm and moderately sunny some of the time. The weekend, though, has been stunning!

Now that’s the kind of weather we could come to love and appreciate! Continue reading

11 June 2017

Well, we didn’t see that coming, did we?

I am sure you have all followed the UK election results as closely as we have and, undoubtedly, were as delighted as we were that Mrs May’s decision to hold an early election (in spite of having said she would not do so on half a dozen occasions previously) backfired spectacularly. At the time she called the election the Conservatives had something approaching a 20 point lead in the polls; the result was a Conservative loss of thirteen seats and the evaporation of their overall Commons majority. Splendid.

Continue reading

4 June 2017

What a great week! We’ve had a wonderful five days in Cornwall with Nick, Lucy & Annabelle – wonderful on a variety of scores: we got to spend five days with some of our very favourite people in an idyllic forest setting, we got to visit some places we’ve wanted to see for years as well as rekindling some memories from visits in days gone by and, perhaps best of all, we were in a WiFi and cell phone black spot and so were able to avoid five days’ worth of nonsense in the general election campaign. Win, win, win! Continue reading

28 May 2017

Whew! What a scorcher! It’s been a great week – warm and sunny with rising temperatures. Friday and Saturday were the first “Let’s wear shorts” day for me this season and on Friday I celebrated the great weather with a lovely cycle around the local lanes and bye ways. Afterwards, the fine weather was just about perfect for lying in the hammock contemplating the lovely blue sky contrasted with the bright burning yellow of the blossom on the laburnum tree. Perfect. Continue reading

21 May 2017 – Amusements

My sister was busy getting ready to host our entire family for Easter. On her to-do list was a hair appointment for her daughter.

“So, Katie,” said the stylist as the little girl got up in the chair, “who’s coming to your house this weekend with big ears and floppy feet?”

Katie replied, “I think it’s my Uncle Brian.” Continue reading

21 May 2017

Welcome back! We’re home after a short but delightfully delicious and excellent visit to the States to see my mother (as well as my two brothers and youngest sister along with a couple of old college housemates as a bonus). And, the wisteria put on an excellent show to greet us on our arrival home.

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