9 October 2016

What a glorious week we’ve had – lovely, Autumnal weather, bright and clear with just a touch of crispness to wake up all the senses. Not surprisingly, Ms Playchute has spent the week tending her garden – chopping, pruning, digging. Very surprisingly, I also was involved in a few projects (under her careful supervision, of course).

The two hedges in the back garden have been clipped and trimmed to within an inch of their lives. The leylandi is so neatly manicured you could play a game of billiards on the top. Of course most of my attempted contributions end up with a mishap or several. For some reason, while teetering at the top of the portable hedge-clipping platform and leaning over precariously to reach the far, far side of the hedge I managed to insert my finger into the blades of the hedge trimmer and came away with blood pouring from the self-inflected wounds, three neat little parallel nicks along the outer edge of my little finger. Fortunately, Ms Playchute was able to bandage the offending digit with metres of dressing and I was able to climb back up the platform and finish the job. The finger looks like it will survive as well – win, win!

The other big excitement in the gardening category was getting to drive a mini digger Ms Playchute hired to extract the roots of many old and well-established bushes in what was previously the vegetable patch. The area the previous owners had dedicated to vegetables was considerably larger than we need or can manage so Pen has a few ideas to rearrange this part of the garden. The idea is to make an area of hard standing for table, chairs and dining au naturel with a smaller, more manageable vegetable garden. So, all the existing bushes and shrubs needed to be removed and a micro-digger was Penelope’s suggestion. And, it worked very well. I got to drive up and down the vegetable plot devouring and uprooting large and very well established root balls which gave both of us considerable pleasure.


We’ve had the annual political party conferences over the past few weeks. First the Lib Dems and then Labour and then, this past week, the Conservative party conference. One thing to emerge this week is a much clearer idea of what Brexit will actually look like. We thought it was going to be grim – the reality is going to be much worse! Theresa May’s speech set out the government’s priorities – control immigration and withdraw the UK from the Court of Human Rights. Ah, so it really was about racism all along!

Of course all this was completely unnecessary. Cameron was hoping to rid the Conservative Party of the worst aspects of its looney right, the Europhobes and Eurosceptics, by including a commitment to an In-Out Referendum in the Tory Party election manifesto. It’s clear now that Cameron didn’t expect to win a majority and so was confident that his coalition partners, the Lib Dems, would veto the idea. “I tried,” he would say, “but those bastard Lib Dems won’t let me. So, let’s just all get along and make Britain great again!”

Then, when he achieved a majority and was forced to hold the referendum he arrogantly assumed he would win. As we know, he didn’t and instead of ridding the party of the Euro Nutters they are now in control of the asylum and the split within the Tory party is every bit as wide as ever it was. (Have a look at an article in which one Conservative MP calls another “delusion”).

So, apart from buggering the country, Cameron achieved nothing and has now slunk off to spend more time with his money while the rest of us pick up the pieces.

The following I ran across on Facebook the other day. As a metaphor for the post-Brexit blues, I think it’s pretty good.

[KGVID width=”600″ height=”336″]http://moretonpinkneypicayune.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/pound_since_brexit.mp4[/KGVID]

And, just for a laugh, the following photo appeared in the Guardian during the Tory party conference. Some of the organisers, apparently, were curious as to why so many photographers were trying to get into a certain position to take photos of whomever was speaking from a particular angle. I don’t remember what the actual slogan on the stage said, probably something like “Make our country great again!” or “Take back control of our country” or something similar. It seems, though, that the photographers all wanted to capture their subject and crop their photograph to make some sort of statement. (Note to my mother and anyone else of a sensitive disposition – do not look at the following photograph – it’s rude and may cause offense!)


And finally, how about some photos which won’t cause offense – some of the shortlist for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Enjoy.


Much love to you all,



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