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17 February 2019

We’ve had some absolutely gorgeous days this week – who’d have thought it was mid-February! The temperature reached the lofty heights of 12 C (nearly 54 F) on Thursday and the skies were clear, bright and sunny. One could almost be convinced that Spring was imminent. Continue reading

10 February 2019

Now that I have become an old man, I increasingly value routines, especially those which require no thought and can always be done in the same order as if by rote, preferably half asleep, like brushing one’s teeth. Continue reading

3 February 2019

And so it begins – February arrived on Friday and we had our first significant snowfall of the season. Nothing like our friends in less temperate climates – no polar vortexes to deal with – and no real traffic or transport issues but still colder than we’d like it to be, even if Jessie does think it’s marvellously good fun. Continue reading

20 January 2019

Well, what a week! First, the Brexit deal gets eviscerated in the largest ever defeat for a government proposal in living memory, then the Prime Minister survives (barely) a no confidence vote in her leadership. We are no closer to knowing WTF the looney Brexiteers voted for in the EU referendum and so we aimlessly drift on, rudderless and leaderless. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Continue reading

13 January 2019

Boy, is it quiet around here. Adam, Ava and Jessica left on Wednesday afternoon for a three-week break in China visiting family and friends. No more little voice shouting up the stairs in the morning welcoming us to the new day, no more “chase me” grandpa, no more tricycle excursions to the park across the road (at least for the next three weeks). My goodness it’s quiet around here! Continue reading

6 January 2019

Happy New Year to you all – I hope your celebrations were wildly successful and enjoyable. Ours certainly were. We celebrated with gusto when the clock turned to midnight. Midnight in Moscow, that is. And, by “gusto” I mean by snoring, of course. Continue reading

23 December 2018

Well, I guess we are kind of ready – as ready as we’ll ever be, I suppose. The tree is up and decorated and there is a mountain of presents stashed away underneath so I guess some folks in this house have been good this year – what are the chances of that? Continue reading

16 December 2018

What a week! We had a great outing to the theatre last Saturday and have also enjoyed a couple of other performances – Annabelle’s and Jessica’s respective Nativity plays. Oh, this is what the festive season is all about! Continue reading

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