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19 November 2017

We’re back! Again. And this time, it really is “we” as Penelope has finally returned home after 43 days away and 30,596 miles or almost 49,000 km! Whew!

On the other hand – I’m off! Again. I fly out this morning to spend Thanksgiving with my mother in New England. After this trip, though, I hope we will be home for a while. Continue reading

29 October 2017

Tuesday 10 October

Our last day at the Outside Inn. Unfortunately, we all had grumbling tummies to some extent or another and so it was a day of restraint. We were to fly to Sanya on Hainan Island that night leaving from Guilin Airport at 22.20 so we had the whole day to relax and leisurely attend to the sorting and packing after 12 days at the Outside Inn. Ronald and his staff were wonderful throughout our visit; as always they were ever helpful and kind. They’ve become like family during our two visits. Continue reading

22 October 2017

Well, we’re back after another great trip to China. I say, “we’re back,” but that’s not really the case. I am back for a couple of weeks while Pen continues her adventures visiting her brother and sister and an aunt while travelling with her sister J in Australia. I’m here for another week and then it all kicks off again. No rest for the wicked. Continue reading

24 September 2017

Welcome to what will likely be the last edition of the Moreton Pinkney Picayune for the immediate future – Ms Playchute and I are off to China on Thursday to visit Adam, Ava and the charmingly delightful and gorgeous Jessica for a few weeks so communications could be limited. Limited only because we have too much fun when we visit China and don’t seem to find the time to do much of anything else. There will be a full report upon my return. You may have to wait somewhat longer to enjoy Ms Playchute’s account – after China she is flying off to Australia to spend some time with her sister J visiting some of their Australian relatives. She won’t be back until mid-November! Don’t fret; I am sure she will fill the freezer for me before we go. (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha). Continue reading

17 September 2017

Wow! Has it turned autumnal all of a sudden. Anyone would think that the summer was over. (What summer, I hear you ask, but to be fair it’s not been a complete washout). The evenings are getting darker earlier, the mornings are “brisk” and the swallows/house martins have vacated the premises, beginning their journey to the warm winter weather. I guess we might get a bit of an Indian summer before we leave for China? Let’s hope so. Continue reading

10 September 2017

Last Saturday was the Moreton Pinkney Gardening Club’s 75th Annual Horticultural Show. Everyone is encouraged to enter produce, flowers, baked goods, etc. into the competition which raises a bit of money for the village. Last year we were away in China when it took place although I did bake a moderately mediocre loaf of sourdough which I asked a couple of neighbours to enter on my behalf. They did but sadly it failed to win any awards although they said it was very tasty and they had thoroughly enjoyed its consumption. Continue reading

3 September 2017

There is a tradition in the UK – bank holidays will always be spoiled by the most miserable weather imaginable. Folks look forward especially to the August Bank Holiday weekend which represents one last “hurrah” before school starts back at the beginning of September. Villages organise fetes and other activities and untold millions migrate to the beach to spend the day huddling under what little shelter they can find while their toddlers and young children splash at the water’s edge gradually turning blue with the cold. Continue reading

20 August 2017

Another good week – what are the chances of that? We had our third consecutive Annabubble Double Header Sleep-over and survived largely intact. So, fortunately, did she. We also enjoyed an outing to the big city to join up with some friends for the Royal Academy Summer Show. Good fun all round. Continue reading

13 August 2017

So, back to normal, whatever that is. Sister Susie left on Friday morning on her long, long trek back to Portland and we are without any visitors and, perhaps more significantly, without any bookings for the Guest Wing until December! There’s still time to get your reservations in although you will have to be quick. Continue reading

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