14 November 2021

It’s been increasingly autumnal although still unseasonably warm – must be all the hot air in Glasgow talking about climate change while making vague commitments to do something, sometime, maybe. Or maybe not. The weather people are predicting the onset of a deep freeze due, apparently, sometime next week with the usual apocalyptic predictions of sub-arctic temperatures and 83 feet of snow. We’ll see.

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7 November 2021

It’s been another week – what are the chances of that? I think the weather has finished its transition from late-summer/early-autumn to definitely autumn. Leaves are falling and/or have fallen off the trees, the temperature is decidedly autumnal with the occasional ground frost in the mornings and the clocks have changed so that it’s dark by 5.30 in the evening. One just wants to hunker down in front of a blazing fire.

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24 October 2021

Well, it’s been a wild and wacky week. Lots of cloud and grey skies at the beginning of the week with gale force winds and torrential downpours (thankfully, mainly at night) but with abnormally high temperatures for the time of year (mid 60s Fahrenheit, 18 Celsius) and lots of humidity. By about Thursday, however, the wind changed direction and the temperatures plummeted. We’ve had lots of bright blue skies, lots of wind and “freezing” temperatures (it’s all relative, after all).

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17 October 2021

I guess it’s true, there’s no point trying to deny it any longer – Autumn is on the way. The nights are drawing in, the leaves are turning and the mornings seem increasingly misty with an Autumnal feel. Mustn’t complain, really – the temperature is still very tolerable for the time of year but it’s all downhill from here, I’m afraid.

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3 October 2021

It’s been a pretty decent week, I suppose – thanks for asking. The weather has been changeable to be sure – we had a deluge of a downpour on Sunday night/Monday morning and it’s been considerably cooler of late. Apparently, the temperature is now more in line with general expectations for the time of year – I guess we’ve just been spoiled of late. In short, it’s been windy and fresh with a decidedly autumnal feeling. Downhill from here, I guess.

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