2 August 2020

Phew – Scorcio! After a perfectly reasonable start to the week, Thursday and Friday were blazing hot – glorious from my perspective but too hot for a lot of the villagers who were on the verge of melting on Friday afternoon (33o Celsius, 91o in old money). Not to worry though – on Saturday things returned to “normal” – only 22o, a lovely 70o Fahrenheit. Continue reading “2 August 2020”

12 July 2020

It’s Week 18 of our own, self-imposed lockdown and, to be fair, we’re not really completely locked down any more. In any event, the government tells us that it’s all over and we should go out, shop lots and eat and drink our way to prosperity. They’re even going to give us a £10 discount if we go out for dinner at participating restaurants on Monday to Wednesday (Terms and Conditions apply). Somehow, I think my health and safety is worth somewhat more than £10. Continue reading “12 July 2020”

5 July 2020

Lockdown week 17.

But, of course, we are no longer in lockdown. Hurray! We’re now to be encouraged to go out, drink lots at the pub, eat lots at the restaurants, and spend, spend, spend! Drink and Eat for Britain – now that’s a slogan I could get behind. Shame that they’ve had to reintroduce a lockdown in Leicester as the number of cases has spiked and other cities seem also to be on the brink. This could end up being a relatively short-lived reprieve due to our being led by a relatively short-sighted government. Continue reading “5 July 2020”

21 June 2020

Lockdown week 15. A week much like all the others, you will be surprised to hear. A fairly overcast and breezy week with some rain and some sunshine – what are the chances of that? It rained all day Thursday and much of Friday which was excellent. And, it was exactly the sort of rain the garden needed – persistent and consistent without the torrential deluge which has been a characteristic of recent weeks. Continue reading “21 June 2020”

14 June 2020

Lockdown week 14. Same old, same old . . .

This week we have been mainly enjoying cloudy, overcast, blustery and showery days. We’re not yet regretting our request for rain – the water butts are full but the garden could still do with more. But, I think we could do without the torrential downpours – on Saturday last week we had an astonishing deluge with hailstones the size of baseballs. OK, I exaggerate a bit but they were still the size of marbles. Continue reading “14 June 2020”

7 June 2020

Lockdown Week 13. Hard to believe it’s now more than three months since we started isolating ourselves (two or three weeks before the UK government belatedly came round to the idea). Of course, as I’ve said before, I’ve been practising for self-isolation all my life and I’ve found, to my delight, that I’m quite good at it. Penny, on the other hand, longs for some decent company and intellectual discussions – sadly, she’s stuck with me. Continue reading “7 June 2020”

31 May 2020

Lockdown week 12 and it’s been another fine week. Scorcio, in fact. Pleasantly warm bordering on hot at times, sunny with bright blue skies. Still no rain though which is beginning to be a bit of a concern. The garden is looking positively splendid at the moment but the lawns, borders and vegetables are gasping for some water. And, there’s no sign of any rain on the horizon. Continue reading “31 May 2020”