22 November 2020

Week Two (or is it Three? Doesn’t time fly when you are enjoying yourself) of Lockdown II completed successfully. We’re still on speaking terms with one another (just about) and have spent much of this week together engaged in an outdoor project which, as I said last time, we should have completed during the summer when the weather was perfect for completing outdoor projects! Hey ho. As it is, it was cloudy, windy, cool and occasionally wet during our exertions but we’re making progress. We’ll have photos and a full explanation when the project is complete. At this rate that’s likely to be about June 2022.

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4 October 2020

The Arctic plume came and went and Ms Playchute chastised me for painting too gloomy a picture of our weather conditions last week. To be fair, I probably did exaggerate to some extent but summer is past and the Indian summer, if that was it, was far too short. As I look out my window the rain is pelting down, the wind is howling, the pub sign is being blown back and forth like an accordion and it is cold and miserable.

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27 September 2020

Well, that was nice while it lasted. The Indian Summer, I mean. I had been hoping for a prolonged affair – perhaps two or three months but I guess that’s just being greedy. But something longer than two or three days would have been nice. As it is we’ve had an Arctic Plume over the UK for the latter part of this week and, while it’s not exactly freezing, it is certainly feeling very autumnal. Would it be too much to ask for another couple of weeks in October?

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