3 December 2023

Well, that transitioned in a heartbeat – we’re no longer “unseasonably warm” and have gone straight into “unseasonably cold” according to the weather people. Cold, frosty mornings with below-zero temperatures under occasionally clear, bright blue skies. The frosty mornings do mean less mud and grime on the dog when she returns from a stroll but it also means that the hose is frozen so washing up afterwards is a bit of a challenge.

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26 November 2023

Another perfectly reasonable and acceptable week – what are the chances of that? It’s still pretty wet although it hasn’t been lashing it down this week so there’s that to be grateful for. It’s continued “unseasonably warm” but the weather people are saying that’s going to end any day now. Indeed, it’s been so “unseasonably warm” that I had to drag the lawn mower out of hibernation and give the lawns yet another short, back and sides. This is crazy! We should not be needing to mow lawns in late November!

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12 November 2023 – Amusements

A man returns in the morning to a bar in which he’d spent the previous night. “Is it true that I drank $100 worth of booze here last night?” he asks.

“You did in fact drink $100 worth of alcohol here last night,” the bartender assures him.

“Thank God,” the man says, greatly relieved. “I was afraid I’d lost that money.”

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5 November 2023

Well, if it’s not Storm Babet, it must be Storm Ciarán – I suppose we did have a day or two in between. Lots of rain, strong winds and very, very wet but once again we escaped the brunt of the storm. There is an awful lot of water though – for those of you who know the little stream at the bottom of Brook Street, it is usually a trickle but on Thursday morning it was up over the footbridge, I am informed by Ms Playchute. So, while we are fine apart from the wet and muddy dog who stinks up the house, you have to pity those poor folks who just about dried out from Babet and then now have been clobbered by Ciarán.

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15 October 2023

It’s been, surprisingly, a moderately busy week which again, for the most part, has been “unseasonably warm” to quote the weather people. Our lovely friend Mary came for lunch on Sunday – we haven’t seen her since April, it turns out, so it was great to catch up. The weather co-operated and it was so warm and sunny that we were able to eat out on the patio – in October! Seems to me like the global thermostat is faulty.

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