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14 January 2018

It’s been a relatively quiet week on the home front, as it so often seems to be in the hiatus after the Christmas and New Year festivities. The weather has been largely grey, drizzly and miserable and we’ve had the odd bout of freezing fog which is always fun, especially on the winding country lanes one has to transverse to reach our humble abode. Continue reading

7 January 2018

And a happy New Year to you all. We welcomed the New Year in the manner in which we generally seem to nowadays – fast asleep and snoring (not too loudly, I hope). Well, as I always say, it’s New Year somewhere!

We’ve not done too much this week apart from run a few errands but my goodness, it still feels very busy! Continue reading

31 December 2017

Hope you all had a splendid Christmas with family, friends and copious quantities of food. We did! As I wrote last time, the run-up to Christmas itself was occupied extremely pleasantly with a birthday outing to Carluccio’s in Stratford and the Imperium double bill. Excellent!

Christmas itself we spent on our own which was no bad thing. Penelope had recently contracted the Winter Lurgy which was doing the rounds and very kindly passed it on to me – coughs, sneezes, runny noses, sore throats and a general feeling of un-wellness pervaded our household on Christmas Day so it’s a good job we weren’t required to be polite or sociable. Continue reading

17 December 2017

What a wacky week! We woke on Sunday to 6” of beautiful pristine snow which had been delivered overnight for our pleasure. And, while I have to admit that it did look gorgeous, it was somewhat inconvenient as we had been due to take Annabelle to the theatre in Northampton to see a new version of the Jungle Book. The main roads were passable with care but the side roads were a bit tricky and Nick had to bring her over to ours so that we could set off for Northampton. Continue reading

10 December 2017

Short, sharp and sweet (?) this week – we’ve got so many social engagements I don’t know whether I’m coming or going to the next one. It’s been a good week although the weather can’t make its mind up – we had freezing cold mornings with a sharp frost early in the week, mild and relatively pleasant conditions mid-week followed by torrential rain and gale force winds toward the end of the week. And, we are allegedly due some snow today! Ah, the English weather – there’s always something to talk about. Continue reading

19 November 2017

We’re back! Again. And this time, it really is “we” as Penelope has finally returned home after 43 days away and 30,596 miles or almost 49,000 km! Whew!

On the other hand – I’m off! Again. I fly out this morning to spend Thanksgiving with my mother in New England. After this trip, though, I hope we will be home for a while. Continue reading

29 October 2017

Tuesday 10 October

Our last day at the Outside Inn. Unfortunately, we all had grumbling tummies to some extent or another and so it was a day of restraint. We were to fly to Sanya on Hainan Island that night leaving from Guilin Airport at 22.20 so we had the whole day to relax and leisurely attend to the sorting and packing after 12 days at the Outside Inn. Ronald and his staff were wonderful throughout our visit; as always they were ever helpful and kind. They’ve become like family during our two visits. Continue reading

22 October 2017

Well, we’re back after another great trip to China. I say, “we’re back,” but that’s not really the case. I am back for a couple of weeks while Pen continues her adventures visiting her brother and sister and an aunt while travelling with her sister J in Australia. I’m here for another week and then it all kicks off again. No rest for the wicked. Continue reading

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