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9 December 2018

What a busy week! Lunch out with a group of old friends, another Date Night for an NT Live streaming and an outing to the National Theatre on Saturday. I don’t think we’ll have time for Christmas this year if this pace continues. And, the Brexit nonsense continues unabated leading up to the big vote this coming Tuesday – exciting if somewhat unsettling times! Continue reading

18 November 2018

Well, that’s certainly been one heck of a week! Unseasonably mild weather (15 degrees C or just under 60 degrees F – in mid-November!) and also the week the wheels finally fell off the Prime Minister’s Brexit Bus. Oh my goodness. Continue reading

11 November 2018

Another week is in the books – what are the chances of that? It’s been largely grey, damp and dreary but still moderately temperate for the time of year. The weather people say, though, that we are in for a “Polar Vortex” in the coming days which apparently is going to be as horrid as it sounds. What with that and the nights increasingly closing in we feel the need (or at least I do) to consider hibernation as a strategy for getting through the winter. Continue reading

4 November 2018

A tolerably tolerable week. We’ve had some seriously glorious bright sunny days albeit a bit “fresh”, i.e., freezing. Not much to write about this week – I guess we are entering our winter hibernation period. Continue reading

28 October 2018

Another pretty decent week. More progress on Number One Wood End – we’re in the home stretch – just as the weather seems also to be in the home stretch, the end of summer and the arrival of autumn/winter.

Continue reading

7 October 2018

Welcome to October. We’ve had a lovely week with a couple of simply gorgeous days – Thursday was stunning with warm, bright sunshine and a light breeze – good enough to make you think that perhaps the cold, wet weather will hold off indefinitely. And then Saturday came and it rained all day! Quelle Merde! Continue reading

30 September 2018

What a lovely, lovely week. We’ve had some gorgeous sunny days with bright blue skies and unseasonably warm temperatures – up to 20C in the middle of the week. I think that’s what is sometimes known as an Indian Summer! Penelope has been taking advantage of the fine weather and has been gardening as if any day now normal weather conditions will prevail. I also was involved but fortunately my tool of choice was a chainsaw (used under relatively close supervision, of course) as I removed an overgrown and misplaced bay tree and the most vicious rose bush known to mankind. Adam and I have also continued our progress on the never-ending garden project which moves slowly closer toward completion. We’ll have a description and photos soon, I promise! Continue reading

23 September 2018

Well, it wasn’t quite 27C on Tuesday as predicted by one of our Pilates classmates last week but it was decidedly balmy. We had the remnants of tropical storm Ali busting its way through the British Isles with a fair bit of rain and strong winds drawing in warm weather from the south – warm, wet and windy, in other words, rather like a toddler in nappies. Continue reading

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