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21 April 2019

So much to do and so little time! I am afraid this will be short & sweet this week – Ben, Brex-Anna and Max have arrived and we are planning to have too much fun to do anything else! Continue reading

14 April 2019

So now we know. Or, now we know a bit more than we knew before. But we still don’t know. What we do know is that the EU has given the UK until the end of October to come up with a credible plan to leave which can squeak through Parliament. What we still don’t know is what that credible plan might ultimately look like nor whether we shall be given another opportunity to vote on the plan, once we know what it looks like. An absolute shambles. I have to say, though, the new leaving date is an excellent metaphor – do you think the EU is having a joke? The first date was near enough April Fool’s Day; the new date is Halloween – Trick or Treat? Continue reading

7 April 2019

My goodness what a lousy week. In contrast to last week which was largely dry, sunny and warm, this week it has been wet, dismal and cold. We went from 16 C last week (low 60s F) to 2 C (just above freezing) this week. What’s that all about? Continue reading

24 March 2019

Welcome to another wild, weird and wacky week! The Brexit Clusterf**k gets increasingly surreal as we approach the deadline for falling off the cliff – this coming Friday – and we still have no idea what is going to happen. Apart from all that, we had a clear view of the Super Worm Moon on Wednesday, Jessica and I shared poorly eyes and our choice of bricks for the kitchen extension have allegedly been approved. Continue reading

17 March 2019

Another wild and wacky week! The weather has been frightful with strong winds and torrential rain in between the few sunny moments and Spring-like conditions. And the political machinations of Brexit continue to amuse, enthral and terrify us all! You could not make this stuff up! Continue reading

10 March 2019

What a busy week! We’ve had a number of excellent outings even if the weather has been somewhat less than excellent. Actually, the mornings have dawned gloriously sunny but by midday the rain and Arctic gales have swept in – what’s that all about? Continue reading

3 March 2019

Good week, bad week. Rather like the good cop, bad cop interrogation methods sometimes employed against hardened criminals, this week’s weather was similar – good (bordering on great) weather for the first part of the week (records were broken!); a reversion to normalcy from Thursday onwards with the usual cooler temperatures, rain and gale force winds. 

Continue reading

17 February 2019

We’ve had some absolutely gorgeous days this week – who’d have thought it was mid-February! The temperature reached the lofty heights of 12 C (nearly 54 F) on Thursday and the skies were clear, bright and sunny. One could almost be convinced that Spring was imminent. Continue reading

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