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1 December 2019

What a miserable, miserable week. Depressingly dismal, dreary and drizzly. And miserable. It’s been cloudy and wet all week and then on Friday, when the sun does put in an appearance and the skies turn bright and blue, the temperature plummets through the floor. Oh my goodness, only four or five more months of this! Continue reading

17 November 2019

Boy is it quiet around here! After a year, four months and four days (but who’s counting?) Adam, Ava and Jessie were finally able to move into their new home last Sunday. The silence in the mornings can be somewhat disconcerting until one remembers that the dynamo that is Jessie is no longer in residence. Continue reading

10 November 2019

Another fine week made finer, I guess, by our jet-lag gradually disappearing in the rear-view mirror. Having said that, the weather has not been great – a months’ worth of rain in 24 hours up north, with associated flooding. We’ve not had any flooding in our area but it has been getting increasingly colder and the trees and hedges are rapidly throwing their leaves to the ground. Continue reading

3 November 2019

So, we’re back after what seemed like a long adventure which involved two visits to the great northeast, a week in sunny Southern California playing with our grandson, a reunion with a bunch of tired old men as well as, sadly, the loss of someone who was near and dear to all of us. Continue reading

6 October 2019

A tolerably, tolerable week, I suppose. Progress on the new kitchen continues at a snail’s pace, often one step forward, one step back, we welcomed back our monthly village film night (sadly, another depressing reminder that winter is marching relentlessly towards us again), Adam and Ava have an exciting bit of news to share and Boris the Twat continues to live down to his reputation. Continue reading

29 September 2019

It’s been a mixed week – fresh, autumnal weather with changeable skies and a fair dousing of rain thrown in just for fun. We enjoyed what might be the last barbeque of the season last Sunday, progress on the kitchen has reached an exciting point, we had a great outing with some friends and Boris the Twat extended his parliamentary record to seven votes called, seven votes lost (and much more besides). Continue reading

22 September 2019

What a splendidly glorious couple of weeks. The weather has been very acceptable (indeed, more than acceptable), we had a date night and a grand weekend’s “holiday”, the builders are making exciting progress on the new kitchen and Boris the Twat continues to embarrass and humiliate himself all across the country and across Europe. Continue reading

1 September 2019

Scorcio! We’ve had some great weather this week, the building works have progressed (reasonably) nicely and we had a splendid fun-filled weekend away on the south coast with like-minded friends.

Continue reading

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