5 May 2024 – Amusements

One night in Paris, an American tourist dropped into a sidewalk cafe late one night and, after a couple of drinks, realized he was the last person in the bar except for a chap sleeping at one of the tables.

The man called the proprietor over and asked for his bill. “Would monsieur care for another drink?” asked the Frenchman.

“No thanks, I imagine you want to close up. Why don’t you send that other fellow home?”

“Well, I should, but each time I wake him up he asks for the bill and pays it again.”

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21 April 2024

The weather, you will be surprised to know, has been very variable – sunny spells, sudden downpours – April showers and all that. Similarly, my sciatic pain has also been variable this week – peaks and troughs now replaced with good progress & less discomfort followed by a step or two backwards. Still, the overall trend is continuing in the right direction so keep those fingers crossed.

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7 April 2024

Wow! What a week – lots of entertainment activities and lots of rain. Penny and Daisy positively squelch across the landscape these days. And no sign of it stopping anytime soon – Storm Kathryn is blowing in from the east. Also, I’m still having good days, bad days with my sciatica afliction but on the whole I am very, very much improved over those miserable first few weeks. Epidural injection this Friday so I’ll be running the London Marathon after all! Keep your fingers crossed.

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17 March 2024

It’s been a pretty mixed week – a fair bit of rain and lots of mud all of which seems to cling to Daisy when she comes home from her walks. Thank goodness for the new, outdoor mixer tap! We’ve also had some lovely periods with sunshine with clouds scudding across the skies, all the while remaining very mild. As for me it’s a case, once again, of good day, bad day, good day, bad day, etc. It seems that I will need to seek a second opinion – Dr Google assured me that my sciatic symptoms would disappear after four to six weeks. Sadly, that has turned out not to be the case. I’m afraid my lovely, magnificent carer is getting just about as fed up as I am!

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