1 August 2021

After endless weeks and months of lockdown, it’s been an extraordinarily busy week. We explored a “new” (to us) walk, had a visitor come to visit, undertook an outing up to the big city, and enjoyed a lovely evening with village friends for cocktails, canapes and croquet. If this is what Freedom from Covid restrictions is going to be like, I am not going to be able to stand the pace.

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25 July 2021

Scorcio, scorcio, scorcio! Temperatures have been up in the high 20s/low 30s (low to high 80s) all week which, as I said last time, is pretty unusual around here. The Met Office issued its first ever extreme heat warning for much of the country, Moreton Pinkney included. We’re used to flood warnings and storm and gale warnings but never an extreme heat warning.

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11 July 2021

It’s been one of those weeks, hasn’t it? Rain, wind and the occasional drop of sunshine. The wind was so brisk the other day that it snapped off several of Ms Playchute’s French bean plants. Quelle merde! It seems we had the wettest May on record which was followed by the wettest June on record and those folks who claim to “know” about such things predict that July will also be amongst the wettest on record. On the other hand, some weather pundits are predicting a scorching end of July so who knows? Not us, for sure.

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4 July 2021

Phew! What a weekend. I’m glad that’s all over. I don’t mind spending time in the garden, obviously. But I prefer that time to be spent reclining in the hammock sipping a Pimms rather than mowing the lawns, trimming the edges, trimming the hedge, tidying away all the detritus and, in general, making things presentable for (a) the MPGC Annual Garden Competition and (b) the Moreton Pinkney Open Gardens 2021! Add in Annabelle’s Camp over/Sleepover and all the excitement six squealing nine-year-olds brought to the party and you can appreciate it was a full-on few days.

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