27 September 2020

Well, that was nice while it lasted. The Indian Summer, I mean. I had been hoping for a prolonged affair – perhaps two or three months but I guess that’s just being greedy. But something longer than two or three days would have been nice. As it is we’ve had an Arctic Plume over the UK for the latter part of this week and, while it’s not exactly freezing, it is certainly feeling very autumnal. Would it be too much to ask for another couple of weeks in October?

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30 August 2020

We could do with more Scorcio and less Blowio and Wettio! It’s been a miserable week – Storm Francis blew through with gale force winds and lashings and lashings of rain. Now, the weather has pivoted and we’re sucking in cold winds from the Arctic with temperatures more akin to late November or December. The forecasters are suggesting that Monday, the August Bank Holiday, could be the coldest on record. Freezio!

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23 August 2020

Non-Scorcio Maximo! Wild and windy instead!

We’ve had what must be considered to have been a very busy week given the continuing restrictions on all our lives. We were out for a lovely walk early in the week, we joined the Eat Out to Help Out brigade, visited (separately) with two very lovely good friends and put ourselves through the wringer that is the annual village horticultural jamboree. Phew!

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16 August 2020

Scorcio Maximo! Wow, it’s been a hot, hot week. Wednesday it was up to 37o in Moreton Pinkney-on-sea (98.6o Fahrenheit for those who prefer old money). Thankfully, it began to cool down on Thursday and we were under an Amber warning for thunderstorms and showers – a month’s worth of rain in an hour. Sadly, all we got was a bit of a smattering while seemingly everywhere else received their full deluge. Oh well, at least the sunflowers were spared another battering.

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2 August 2020

Phew – Scorcio! After a perfectly reasonable start to the week, Thursday and Friday were blazing hot – glorious from my perspective but too hot for a lot of the villagers who were on the verge of melting on Friday afternoon (33o Celsius, 91o in old money). Not to worry though – on Saturday things returned to “normal” – only 22o, a lovely 70o Fahrenheit. Continue reading “2 August 2020”