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18 March 2018

Hopefully, this latest little flurry of snow will be the last of the season – is that too much to ask? We had a couple of positively Spring-like days in the week but the Mini Beast from the East arrived overnight on Friday/Saturday. The temperature plunged and we were dusted with a smattering of snow – those clever folks at the Met Office tell us we’ll get to keep these lovely freezing temperatures until the middle of the week. That’s OK, I guess as long as that really is the end of it. It’s time!

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11 March 2018

Phew! We finally made it out of the village and into town on Sunday following our temporary weather-induced incarceration. Of course, our snow-boundness was nothing compared to the inundation those of you in the great Northeast have recently enjoyed but it was substantial and significant for our neck of the woods. Altogether we probably had only about eight inches of snow, the big problem was the strong, icy-cold easterly winds causing drifting of the snow across the roads. Even on Sunday when we finally ventured out it was still tricky going near the Sulgrave turn (for those of you who know it) with single lane traffic inching its way along the road between great sheaths of snow on either side. Continue reading

25 February 2018

The calendar says it’s still February but there are signs of spring everywhere – crocuses and daffodils peeking their heads out to check the weather and new-born lambs gambolling in the fields. Still, the calendar says it’s still February and the bitterly freezing arctic winds and the heavy frosts suggest that winter’s not done yet! Continue reading

18 February 2018

It’s your lucky day – very little news this week!

Date Night this week was a lovely dinner out at the Crown Inn at Weston on Thursday evening. One might imagine that I would take my sweetheart out on Wednesday for Valentine’s Day. Wednesday, however, is one of those days when Penelope runs and jumps about for a couple of hours in the evening. So, Thursday it was. Continue reading

11 February 2018

Another good week. A couple of gloriously glorious bright sunny days, as well as a couple of absolute stinkers but at least, in terms of daylight, we’re on an upward trend. That’s got to be good news, right? Continue reading

4 February 2018

Aren’t Thursdays great? At least they are in this household – it’s one day of the week (of two) when neither Penelope nor I need to get out of bed at an “early” hour. This week we were still lounging in bed when the doorbell rang. “Who the f**k is that at this time of the morning?” I asked before glancing at my watch to see that it was almost 9.30. As it turns out it was a courier delivering a parcel of goodies. Aren’t Thursdays great? Continue reading

28 January 2018

Oh my goodness! What a wild, wackily wonderful week. We had a birthday to celebrate, a neighbour to doggy-sit, a country western concert on our doorstep, a jackdaw to liberate and wonderful, wonderful news of a new arrival. I need to sit down and catch my breath. Continue reading

14 January 2018

It’s been a relatively quiet week on the home front, as it so often seems to be in the hiatus after the Christmas and New Year festivities. The weather has been largely grey, drizzly and miserable and we’ve had the odd bout of freezing fog which is always fun, especially on the winding country lanes one has to transverse to reach our humble abode. Continue reading

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